The Placenta

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Kirsty - May 19

Do you have to push out the placenta yourself?? and does it hurt ???


J - May 19

Yes you push it out after the baby but I don't remember doing it and no it didn't hurt because I got the epidural


kirsty - May 19

but im doing a natural birth i wasnt to feel the erge to push and the pain sory it sounds weird but i dont think it would acutally hurt that bad or would it????


Jodie - May 19

Yes you do have to push it out but it doesnt hurt, it just feels weird plus youre pretty numb down there after the babys squeezed its huge melon out anyway :)


m - May 19

my ob put his arm inside me ! Yikes, I was like what in the world are you doing?? He was up to his elbows digging out my placenta. It came out looking like a slab of beef liver. He was checking it out too, like a mad scientist. I think that must be the doctors reward! LOL! If you don't push it out following the baby, they'll get it.


Kaz - May 19

Maybe it's only here (in Oz) but they give you an injection in your thigh to bring on contractions to push it out. I think that these contractions start again on their own anyway about 15 mins after delivery, when the cord stops pulsating. The needle is just to make sure that it all comes away properly and it also is meant to help stop the bleeding.


kirsty - May 19

do you have to have the needle or can you just push it out yourself


Lynn - May 20

You can request that you don't get the needle but supposedly it makes recovery much quicker.. Its just pitocin to stimulate contractions which help push the placenta out and help shrink your uterus back quicker which helps close off any capillaries you have that are bleeding which helps you bleed less. I'm going to do a drug -free birth but I think I might actually get the little shot of pitocin just to help make recovery a little quicker. You can tell your doc that you don't want it though.. just be sure to discuss this stuff with the doc at litle your 36 weeks appt or something, don't wait until you're in the delivery room or you will probably forget - especially after you hold your precious baby! :)


Maleficent - May 20

nursing is a good alternitive to the shot. it stimulates the uterus to keep contracting and shrink back down. vacating the placenta is a nourmal part of delivery and your body *should* do it on it's own. if it doesn't then the doctor will be there to help. they look it over to make sure it's all there and nothing is left behind. after delivering a baby pushing out the placenta is nothing.



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