The Pregnancy Stupids

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~m~ - November 16

Ok, so I had a small meal earlier, and nothing tasted right. I sat down to lunch a little bit ago, and again nothing tasted right. So I added even more salt. The more I added, the worse it tasted. Finally, this girl that was at my desk asked me why I was putting sugar on my mashed potatoes. Ok, my sugar shaker looks exactly like the salt shaker, but plainly written on the side are the words "SUGAR" and "SALT". What the c__p is wrong with me????? I keep doing stupid stuff like that. Anyone else have any stories of silly things we do as preggy's?? Please tell me I'm not alone! LOL


me - November 16

Who needs to be pregnant to be stupid? I do it all the time! :) Push the door when it says pull, you know that kind of thing :) The other night, the waitress said have a nice day and I said good. I mean, whats THAT about? I like this trhead. Kudos to you for thinking of it! It will bring some laughter to women who are in desperate need of it! Pregnant or not! We all have moments of blonde!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 16

Pregnancy brain gets worse when it turns into mommy brain. I cannot even think straight!


anita - November 16

ok, last night i went to KFC drive thru to order 8 piece chkn and a mega drink for hubby. when i get there i order the chkn, but forget to order the drink. when i get to the window i ask the lady to please add a mega sprite to my order, so she does and i pay the extra money. i get my change and drive off and don't even realize that i still don't have the drink til i'm in the driveway. LOL! hubby laughed and called me Ex-lax for that one.


ha ha - November 16

smooth move, ex-lax!!!!!! that's hilarious! I haven't heard that saying in years!!!!!! lol!


Mommy - November 16

LOL, this is the "mommy" brain: (thinking) "Today I will take a nice hot...(did I put an apple in Joeys luch?)...bath and I will not be disturbed by...(C___p was Susie's soccer game today?) by anything or anyone...(Was today MY day to pick up the kids?)...


~m~ - November 17

LOL!! I'm glad I'm not alone! Funny stuff!



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