The Right Age For First Pregnancy

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Twinkle - October 21

A very warm h__lo to all of u, I am very concrened about the right age for first pregnancy..My age is 26.5 and my husband's age is 30.5 . Is it ok if we plan to concieve after 1 year. Does anybody have some suggestions for what kind of checkups do we should have right now for that..and take what kind of care.. Thanks a lot and Regards, Twinkle..


Marie - October 23

If you feel it is right then it is the right time for you. It is a serious decision to make. I live in UK and there they recommend you take Folic Acid at least three months before you conceive then for teh first three months. I took it for 1 year before conceiving and then for teh first three months of this pregnancy. Also ensure you have a healthy diet and if you drink and smoke either cut down or stop (both can reduce chances of conceiving). Hope all goes well for you.


m - October 23

I don't think there is a "right age" per se. Just whenever you feel ready. I live in the US and here they recommend taking prenatal vitamins (w/folic acid) 6 months in advance, then the entire pregnancy, and the entire time you b___stfeed. I began taking prenatal vitamins 8 months before my son was conceived, and I just stayed on them since I knew one day we'd have more. If you are a smoker or heavy drinker, I suggest quitting now. Very light drinking (gla__s of wine or beer per week) during pregnancy was approved for me by my doctor, but different doctors will tell you different things. Just take care of yourself!


E - October 23

I would see the dentist and have any x-rays and a cleaning prior to concieving. Also, if you have seasonal allergies that bother you it may be best to plan your pregnancy around that (not always possible), due to the fact that most meds are off limits.


E - October 24

The likelyhood of having a baby with Downs Syndrome at age 35 as compared to age 27 is more than doubled. The rate of DS at age 27 is 1/800 and at age 35 is 1/270. Mellissa is right, it gets harder to concieve and the miscarriage rate increases as you get older. Good luck Twinkle!!



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