The Right Thing To Do

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anonymous - June 4

my boyfriend of a few weeks i just found out got his x girlfriend who he talks to all the time pregnant. he never told me she existed and they only just broke up. should i stay.they both want the baby.


mary & john from la - June 4

Absolutely not. This girl needs all the love and support she can get right now for one thing. Especially if they both want it they have a special bond. What a way to start out a new relationship. Sounds like he wasn't very honest to one or both of you. Why would any woman stay??? It's not like you have a long time behind you. This is a no brainner. Move on its best for all parties involved>


t. smith - June 4

I would never stay in that. Its much too early in a new relationship to have something this life changing. Let it go. It's not fair to her, him but especially the baby. That's the most important life right now. Every neewborn deserves the chance to have both parents on the best terms available for the sake of that baby. What happens in the womb is crucial at this time. It's a wonder she (the pregnant girl) didn't demand you leave. Her body will go thru many changes she needs all the emotiona support this man can give her. Seriously dear you don't need to to ask. Besides is this how you want to start a realtionship. This man could leave you at anytime especailly when he realizes she is giving him the best gift he'll ever receive. Plus he never told you about her? Don't you find that odd? People don't just move on that quickly unless their covering something. TOO MANY RED FLAGS!!!!


mike - June 4

well i' a guy who went through a similar situation. But after samatha and i were broken up i found out she was pregnat i was sorta dating some other girl. I told th new girl and she immediately did the right thing and told me to deal with all my responsibilities. I was confused at first and this forum has helped with with my questions. But now i realize that this a great plan than my own and i've never been happier. the better i treat the mother the better she treats me and we now have a beautiful 3 month old girl with Samanthas eyes. By some miracle we are back together and vry very happy. I think you know deep in your heart what the right thing to do is or you wouldn't be asking.


maddy - June 4

oh my God girl.. you need to ask this question. Put your running shoes on and run DONT WALK.


lynn briar - June 4

This same thing happened to me. So I feel I can answer this with credibility. It was the most heartbreaking thing in the world to me. All I can say (i was pregnant) we were barely broken up and i found out i was pregnant. Thing is she knew about me because we all live in a small town. But you know how evil some girls can be. Funny thing her mom came to me an told me she didn't raise her daughter to be like this and that she will talk with her. Thank God she finally did the decent move and got on with her life. I needed Brian then more than ever. This baby drew us closer and closer and we both grew up alot and realized whats really important in life. Now he even admits that he did not respect her decision to stay after he took time to think about it. It toolk me a long to to help him see that though.I really hope you do the right thing. He will only recent you later if you dont.


maria - June 4

to be honest if i was you i would make a clean break as when the baby comes im sure it will fell even harder for you think of your happiness and go find someone you can trust and deserves you all the best im sure your do the right thing



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