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I dunno... - December 2

Ok, this may be a bit lengthy but here goes nothing. I am 18 years old, 5'8, 145 pounds, very lean, NORMALLY!! I began using the patch in August 2005. I had unprotected s_x and the guy ejaculated in me around September 9th or so. My period came the next week or something like that. It was about 6 days. October rolled around and it was 7 DAYS an unusual high for me, Im a 5 day gal. Then in November it went back to 5 days. Problem: I do not consistently wear my patches. Ok, now, in October I began to go through the motions as far as nauseous and stuff like that. Even after AF had gone away. November came, around Thanksgiving recently and everyone began to take note of my weight gain that I hadnt even noticed. My dad pointed out that my "gut" as he called it was getting pretty big. I br___t are really full. Im at a 36C now and BARELY fitting into my bras. My nipples are the BIGGEST things I have ever seen and now I have stretch marks on my br___ts. :-( Which sucks because I love to show them off. Ok, now Im sitting here really really confused. I "feel" pregnant and I have ALL the darn symptoms BUT my AF is super duper regular. Well, December just started so I'll see for this month. My stomach, which was originally proportional to the rest of my body and now very bulgy. I have a semi-dark line from my pelvic area to be belly-button. I get pains in my lower abdomninal, there's another bulge there to, area regular. Today they've seem to increase a good bit. The tip of my nose is getting pretty darn large. Im confused. Could I be this far along and be pregnant and not know it? Can I get my period while pregnant? Anyone's advice would help. Me being pregnant wouldnt be a problem but I dont wanna go spend lots of money at the doctor if it isnt necessary. I just want some honest opinions. PS, I cant button my pants anymore without pain. I dunno...


CCC - December 2

Try getting a cheap pregnancy test... thats what I did. You could also be gaining weight and such from your birth control... what some birth control does if "fool" the body into thinking that it is pregnant to keep the eggs from releasing. Kinda strange.... I was on the shot for over a year... went through the nausea, hair growing, splotchy skin, weight gain... it happens. your best bet is to take a preggo test and see whats going on...


l - December 2

A lot of your "symptoms" are primarily 2nd trimester stuff. I would get a preg test, but I don't think you are pregnant from what you are saying.


Steph - December 2

Why in the world would the tip of your nose be getting larger and why would you think that has anything to do with being pregnant?


:-= - December 2

It's a black folk thing, babes


Lacy - December 2

Hey sweetie! Well, Ive posted this somewhere before, but you sound like a girl who has been off at college! The same thing happened to me freshman year...I gained a ton of weight, and didnt even know until my family started commenting when i came home from the holidays...It is very common for freshman, especially girls in college, to gain and liquor mixed with a poor diet will do that to a girl. So, I would suggest taking a home test...and if it says no, then you can probably safely say you got the freshman 15!


kris A. - December 2

your body type is exactly like mine - I went on birth control pills and gained 15 pounds despite desperate attempts to slow the weight gain down... upped the exercise, dropped all sweets from diet, and religiously watched what and how much I ate. In disbelief I watched my belly and b___sts grow, to the point I thought I had a tumor. Nope, just the hormones of the pill. I went off the pill and immediately dropped the weight back off - immediately being about 2 months - 15 pounds takes a while, and hormones have to wear off. We then got pg, and baby was born a week ago and now I have to decide what to do about birth control as my body just cant handle the hormones of the pill. Very frustrating.



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