The Runs

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Jodie - August 1

I think I may be pregnant and posted below. I was still wondering if any of you had diahrea in early pregnancy. I have been having a bowel movement like 7 times a day whether it is the runs or not. Just wondered if that is normal. Also I have skipped 3 months of my period and have gotten nothing but negs on tests. what is going on? Thanks!!!


Melissa - July 31

You need to see your doctor!


Jodie - August 1

Thanks for answering my question. I am going to the 9th,but maybe sooner if I donot get my period..I am due for it tom. or the next day so we will see. I am just having a lot of the symptoms. Is the runs sometimes normal during early pregnancy?


CR - August 1

This is not early pregnancy at all! You are going into your second trimester! If your home pregnancy tests all came out negative, I do not think you are pregnant. This is because these tests check for a hormone secreted during pregnancy. If it is not present after 3 months, it is unlikely that you are pregnant. However, these tests are only so effective. A blood test will show for sure weather you are pregnant or not. As for the diahrea, I am not sure weather this is a sign of pregnancy. This is a very good website, and will give some symptoms from pregnancy as well as the week by week changes your body goes through. I wish you the best of luck! :)


Jodie - August 1

thanks for posting! I have been taking tests since the first month and since then all istill got was negs. I will call the dr. tom. Are the runs normal. Today I have back pain! Thanks again!!!


chantal - August 1

Guess what...I had the runs for about a week and thought I had some sort of flu. A few weeks later I didn't get my period and found out I was pregnant. I'm sure that the runs were related to me getting pregnant even though I have never read anywhere that it could be a sign of pregnancy. Maybe you are, see the doctor!


Jodie - August 1

Yeah I was not sure if many people have had the runs as asymptom or not. I have heard some say they had and some say not. I am caling the dr. tom. morning to get in to see someone tom. Today I have had alot of lower back pain and a little cramping. I hope it is not my period coming.



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