The Things Men Say

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steph - June 23

I'm almost 9 weeks and the other day, I'd eaten some toast but felt it working it's way back i sat on the toilet lid and hung over the sink (couldn't stomach the smeel after my boyfriend!!! any hoo, as i was all sick and hot flushy, he pops his head around the door and asks me what's wrong...i reply... I'm being sick, to which he asks 'Oh, why?'!!!!!! (yes, unbelievably he's an excited father to be) I laugh now, but at the time he was lucky I couldn't move!!1 lol x


kd - June 23

that's hilarious!!


hee hee - June 23

Men are pretty funny. My hubby was scared to death about hurting our baby while having s_x. He was afraid of poking it and causing damage!


steph - June 23

I meant 'Smell' not smeel. es it is hilarious now but then.......I think the fact that my eyes glowed red, head spun round and my hair parted to show 666 is the only reason he disappeared quitely off to work!!! Any one else with stupid partners?


Karen - June 23

Boy they can be real a__ses at times. The other day I had a really bad leg cramp and he was like why is that happening I explained and then it was like WOW. Last night I had a nose bleed and he was like what happen After I explain I got this look of bewilerment (SP) I sure he is thinking thank God I dont have to go through that.


E - June 23

Mu husband used to say dumb stuff too. The thing that always p__sed me off was when I would tell him we needed to get things for the baby, and his response was "we have all the time in the world". Ummm - NO WE DON'T! The day I went into labor, we still did not have the new digital camera (I bugged him for months on that), and he had to go to Best Buy AFTER my water broke. What an a__s.


steph - June 23

He also cant wait until my ever growing b___bs dont hurt anymore because they're like his new toys, he hasn't called them that, but the drooling as i get undressed...y'know? lol..MEN!!! his work here is done, maybe he should go!! (joke)


Karen - June 23

Oh yea my bf was like "How does b___st milk taste ? " I was like you can have some when the baby comes... then he was like np thank you that is all for him. Then one day we were talking about labor and he was like I can remember coming out . I was like yea right so do you remember what milk taste like. Then he was like do you think he can see what is happening I was like no he is well protected and if he can see he wont remember anything anyway !!! MEN what can we do with them .The best one is why are you tired ? I had to bite my tongue on that one.


Melissa - June 23

Haha. That's hilarious. I have the same thing with my partner. I usually feel very nautious in the evening or tired....everyday he asks the same question 'why do you feel sick?' they seem to think we experience no symptoms at all with the changes in our body, like we say it all for the attention! I wish.


soleil - June 23

My bf use to say the dumbest things too, i had horrible morning sickness and when he'd see me throwing up he'd be like "y are you throwing up? maybe the food wasnt cooked well, you should go to the doctors and see what it could be" I would just stare at him and then walk away. what a freakin dumba__s, geeze


soleil - June 23

lol melissa my bf would ask me that too. Id yell BECAUSE IM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jessie V - June 23

My husband thinks it's funny to ask me every 20 min if I have to go to the bathroom yet. But I'm not laughing.


Jessica F. - June 23

That's cute! He must be a new daddy to be. My hubby knows to avoid the bathroom when I'm in there. I've only been sick one time so far out of my pregnancy (21wks) but he has 2 kids from a previous marriage. I'm lucky he's an ole pro and very very supportive.



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