The Yeasties

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sammy - April 5

Oh, man am I having problems with a yeast infections! I never used to get them. Now I'm at 12.5 weeks and I'm not only pukey and bloated, but now this! What's a girl to do?! Does anyone have any ideas as to how to stop this from happening again? I know the stuff about no douche, no tight clothes. Anything else? i heard it could be from the soap I use to wash my underwear. Can that be true? What do you gals think?


Petra - April 5

That's what I have heard. I was o last week and wouldn't you know ... Y a few days later. I think we overdid it.... LOL... Someone on this forum said that it has to do with too much cm.. I don't know. I also had one woth my last pregnancy in Jan. ( m/c) My dr told me some women have them during pregnancy... We'll just have to go thru it.. Good luck or should I say Good Yuck... LOL...


Rachel* - April 5

To help prevent them, drink cranberry juice and eat yogurt with live-cultures regularly. This helps kill the bacteria that causes the infections. Good luck.


jena - April 5

I am the yeast infection queen. was getting them monthly for a while. yes, there's the tight jeans, no douching, but also - make sure your underwear are cotton, they recommend that you don't use fabric softener, shower right after exercising instead of hanging around in possibly "wet" underwear - sorry! -, um... no nylons, if you can, sleep with no bottoms on, and possibly use a lubricant during s_x - that's what does it for me - too much irritation from s_x and being dry... hope that helps! also yogurt - yes, i eat one yogurt a day to help ward off yeast! thsoe nasty cells!!!


tiffani - April 5

I got a yeast infection the same week I got a BFP! My doctor said they are very common in pregnancy and prescribed a suppository that cured the problem. He said it's caused from all the pregnancy hormones. Hope this helps! :o)


tara - April 5

Yup, caused by pregnancy horemones - to much yeast and acidity down there. My first time ever was around the 14th week of pregnancy and it was horrible!!!! Keep the area dry, wear panty liners if you have to in order to keep clean and dry. Eat yogart, and less sugar and pee when you have to - don't wait! My Dr. said Monistat is okay to use but use the 3 day or 7 day and stay away from the 1 day treatment. Because you are at 12 weeks you should check with your Dr first before using anything.


sammy - April 5

Doc put me on 7 day monostat. Blech. Luckily, he's got some deal on the generic stuff so his office gives it out for free. If I couldn' get it for free, I'd be broke by now!


tara - April 5

just out of curiosity, did he give you the cream stuff or the pill thing?


grandma - April 6

when you are pregnant you much likly to by getting yeast infections. just follow up with your doctor in they will give you something for your infection. they can come from taking to many sit down bath, having a dirty p___s or diry finger in side you. in also sitting down on hard in cold ground that will also call it so be careful because when you are pregnant you can catch stuff easily.


tara - April 6

okay, now I'm worried because I was tolled that the monetat cream inserts are okay to use and I have already used them 2x (the 3 day treatments). Has anyone else used the inserts for treatment while pregnant???


marykate - April 7

Also suffering from the yeasties. Am 11 wks pregnany. Went to doc yesterday and gave me 1 500gm supp. Also told me baths are better than showers and dont us any perfumed soaps. Also to make sure when you go to the toilet to wipe yourself from the front to back as bacteria can spread from your backside.


Karen - April 7

Tara sorry to worry you like that. My doc probably said that as a precaution as I had a previous miscarriage. Talk to your doctor about any risks. Take care.


Petra - April 7

Tara, don't be concerned. When I was pregnant the doctor gave me the pills, and told me to insert it with my finger. Just read the instructions.


sammy - April 7

He gave me nasty gooey stuff to insert. It's a cream that you put into something that looks like a tampon applicator and squeeze in there. it's so gross. I've used it for 3 days now and i can't shake the feeling that it's making the whole situation worse. I itch more than I did before starting it. Can the itching get worse before it gets better? Or does this mean I'm allergic to the stuff?


To sammy - April 7

What it is that the medication is killing off the bacteria that’s why its best to take it at night you don’t want to be out and people think you have bugs. But that’s how its suppose to fee that’s what I did and if it had to scratch I could scratch away without anyone looking at you funny.


nicole - April 7

im sure you got all the advice you need already but my last preg. i got a yeast infection every month for my whole pregnancy. they do say if your having a girl a woman gets more yeast infections. just a fun fact.


tara - April 7

Sammy, I'm glad your doc gave you the same treatment I got - now I'm not too worried that some docs said not to insert anything I guess it's more of a precaution than anything. But yes, that stuff does make you itch more, but it means that it's working. My doc also gave me a cream to use on the outside to make the itching easier - it was prescription thing that I had to buy and it was fairly expensive but worth it for me becuase it eased the pain.



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