The Yeasty Beasty

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CamysMama - May 19

Ok I know this is gross, but I need to know. Has anyone else had problems with yeast infections during pregnancy?


cindi - May 19

yes i had one. i was given monistat 3.


angie m - May 19

The only time I get yeast infections is when I am pregnant, (I have been three times) but I'm not sure why. I wonder if something about being pregnant makes us get them.


Dalinkwent - May 19

Please beleive me. Go to the store and buy some Kefir. It's a youghurt-like drink that has probiotics in it, it will add beneficial bacteria into your body, and that will destroy the yeast overgrowth you are experiencing naturally. Yes, monistat is safe in pregnancy, but the kefir will work WITH your body, and help future YIs stay away. It's an acquired taste, but it's so good for you, you learn to like it. Please try this. It's better than yogurt. I promise this will work just as quick as the monistat, give it a week. Drink half a quart a day, preferably first thing in the morning on an empty tummy. GL to you and the baby!!!


CamysMama - May 20

Thank you ladies! I will definitely try the Kefir if it comes back, Dalinkwent. I used the Monistat, but it was really kind of gross and uncomfortable to have to do that. Hopefully the beast will stay gone! Thanks again for your tips, I really appreciate the advice!


annishel - May 20

this is my 4th preg, but first time I have an annoying recurring case of YI. I was given a soap by an herbal specialist and it helps a lot and occa__sionally I take some acidopholous pills. I also try to eat a yogurt everyday. I would love to look for this Kefir, but I live overseas, so doubt I can find it here. But yes - YOU ARE NOT ALONE !!! :) good luck!


divinelibra - May 20

i'm guessing i've been blessed. i have never had a "yeasty beasty" lol. i don't know what it's like. but the commercials say "i would never wish this on my worst enemy" so it can't be too good. o yea...DALINKWENT mentioned something about yogart. i took a microbio cla__s in college and learned that yogart is a wonderful treatment and prevention. it keeps the good bacteria in your bowels. good luck taming the beast. lol.


Evonna - May 21

Yes, i just found out i had yeast infection at my last apt., my doctor said it is very common during pregnancy. He prescribed me this messy yeast infection cream. I wish i was given monistat 3 like Cindi did, lol.


iimsooflyx0 - May 21

yeah yeast infections are more common in pregnant women. I got one around 3/4 months and used Monistat to get rid of it.. now I think I have a YI again and im about 6 months so Im going to do the whole monistat thing again... hopefully this is the last time!


aggie03 - May 21

I get frequent YI....I even get them on my skin if I use too much antibacterial soaps. If you dont like yougart you can buy Acidophillis pills at any drug store. If you take them regularly they prevent YI just like yougart.


CamysMama - May 22

Will the Acidophillis pills be all right for the baby? I'm afraid I might get the beast again, and I'm trying to find out the best way to take care of it without having to use that aweful cream again. Thank you all for your tips, ladies! I really appreciate it! It's good to know I'm not the only one going through this...


sa__sifras - May 22

I have one right now too, I think, the son of a &^$%&$ is sleeping around I just found out so it could be something worse. I didn't know monistat was safe? i am going to call my dr first thing for a prescrip and STD check....


aggie03 - May 22

Acidophillis pills are the same as eating yogurt, just more concentrated. You can open up the pills and just sprinkle some on any food, if you just want to take a little. My Doc said he thought it was safe, but he had no study information to know like with fake sugars... I would ask your Dr. But as for me it has really helped prevent it.....Also they make shampoos that kill yeast that you can use..ummm...down there


CamysMama - May 22

Sa__sifras, I'm so sorry. You certainly deserve better! Thanks aggie03! I'll have to talk to my doc when I go see her on Weds. Thanks for your tips, you're great! :o)



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