Theme For Baby S Room

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JB - April 4

Just wanted to see what kind of ideas everyone has for their baby's room. We are expecting a Boy in August and we want to do trains, plane and automobiles.


Jennifer - April 4

Planes Trains and Automobiles sound cute, Good Idea. We don't know what we are having, it is a suprise, so we are going with Duckies, I found some really cute wall stickers with Duckies riding in a train, they are so cute, and I think the walls will be a really pale green??? Not sure, I have alot of yellow in my house already, so I really don't want to have another yellow room.


jena - April 4

that's a cute one. i had a friend that did a forest theme, and i like the cla__sic jungle theme. but you already have a cute idea! how fun!!


michelle - April 4

We did bugs - cute bugs- for my son's room. My daughter has a Victorian/Asian theme.


Billie - April 4

We did Sports Snoopy for our son.


A - April 4

We just started our baby's room this weekend. We are not going to find out what the baby is and we are doing an underwater ocean theme. We are painting coral, and fish, and dolphins, and a sunken ship on the walls. It is going to be so cute!


Beth S. - April 4

I am also due in august and find out what we are having tomorrow. If its a boy im doing frogs and if its a girl b___terflys daisies n dragonflys


Kate - April 4

We are doing the cla__sic pooh theme because it works for a boy or a girl...


Sonya - April 4

We chose not to find out if we were having a boy/girl with my first child so we went with a neutral theme. We bought a very cute plaid bedding set and picked three colors from the bedding to paint the walls. The ceiling was sky blue, top half of wall was was b___tercream and bottom half was a subtle green with a darker green very small chair rail. We chose to accent in Boyd's Bears (stuffed and figurines). I also found Boyd's Bears cards and framed theme. It turned out so cute. It was always my favorite room in the house. I always felt at peace in the baby's room.


Eryn - April 4

I am waiting to find out what we're having. So we decided to to an elegant room. We put cherry wood flooring in. We painted the walls a real light brown/beige with white trim and crown molding. Then everything in the room (curtains, bedding, lighting...)is accented with cranberry red. Not very baby like but it works!


Misty - April 4

I am actually wanting to do a Noah's Ark theme. It is nuetral, and it has lots of animals so I can use it to teaxh him or her things as they get older. Plus I can tell the baby the story of how it happened and they (this will be the second baby) will be able to play make believe in the room. "Oh no, watch out, the water is starting to rise! Hurry get all the animals on the bed!" Hehe, I put a lot of thought into it. Then watch, it will end up being a total flop. :-)


Dj - April 5

I always wanted to do the underwater theme, but now I am thinking about rolling green hills with a farm, a garden, a carnival in the distance and a cieling with puffy white clouds on blue. Maybe I've been thinking about this too long! I was just thinking about cute bugs, too. I was inspired by a hallmark card earlier today- How about a caterpillar that goes the lenght of one whole wall?!


Meadra - April 5

My hubby's family owns a motorcycle shop so we're pasting advertising posters and pictures of some of the custom choppers they built all over the walls. We don't know if its going to be a boy or a girl. If it's a boy, I'm going to paint dinosaurs with leather jackets riding motorcycles on the wall over the crib. If it's a girl, bunnies. I have both of the templates drawn out already. We're just waiting for the news!


car - April 5

If we have a boy, it will be a surf theme room to match big brother's room. if it's a girl, ladybugs. i love all the ideas on here. very creative!


kim j - April 5

my first son we did pooh.... we are going to do the "cla__sic" strawberry shortcake for a girl and we are not to sure on the boy theme yet. any ideas?


jena - April 5

a hawaiian theme is cute for either gender...


PP - April 5

My little girl is going to have a jungle. I did it complete with vines and monkeys. There are over 40 animal and insect species from an African jungle represented. Complete real plants.



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