They Toldme Its A Boy

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levi - February 10

How accurate are ultrasounds because i am having my 5th child due in july, i have 4 girls now and they told me this one is a boy because they could see the scrotum. I am now worried in case they got it wrong, and i would be very disapointed if it turned out to be a girl, i was 17 weeks pregnant when they told me.


Rachel - February 10

Dont worry and just be grateful for a life.. regardless of a boy or girl. You are such a blessed person to be able to have 5 children regardless of the s_x.


~m~ - February 10

I think there is a greater chance of being wrong about a girl than there is a boy. If they see something there, they see something. The odds are in your favor that it's a boy.... however, that's not foolproof. Don't "blue" up your nursery until the baby gets here. After all, they could have seen a finger or something else in there. Good luck! PS - What is your secret???? I have 2 boys and desperately want a girl!!!! Do you have a "girly" diet or something? Please share your secret! LOL


to levi - February 10

i agree with rachel,you are lucky to have children


May - February 10

Yes, be grateful for a life, some ppl I know have been trying for ages for a kid.... So be it boy or girl, Thank God. ~m~, for girly diets, try eating meat and dairy products, beans, cheese, eggs and fish, your hubby should eat more veggies and fruits, soya bean products...


~m~ - February 11

Thanks May! I'll try that. :o)


E - February 11

Levi - Maybe you are pregnant with a three-legged girl? Joke:) Someone may be offended....


someone - February 11

If you do have another girl and decide you do not want it, there are plenty of people who are willing to adopt. Hope this does not sound offensive. Not meaning to.


to "someone" - February 11

YIKES! that's a little tactless, don't you think.


lidia - February 11



LIDIA - February 11

sory about that last posting,I also have three girls and I also want a boy I had a u/s at 15 weeks and the doctor said that it was a boy also I thought it was kinda early


&&&&&& - February 13

its not very often they get it wrong with boys, its more difficult with a girl


tiffani - February 13

Both of my ultrasounds were right on. I had a girl and a boy as was the prediction.


louise - February 13

the eveloping foetus starts to develop its s_xual organs at about 12 weeks, this means that by 15 weeks it can be clear which s_x the baby is. more than likely the ultrasoun is correct, however, they could be wrng, but i would bet about 90% they are right. dont wrry and relax,


J - February 14

I have an ultrasound picture of my little boy when I was 20 weeks and the doc said 100% boy we could see the testes and p___s. She was right!


%%%%% - February 17

hi levi, sit back relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, i know how you feel as i have 3 girls and i long for a boy, i am 12 weeks pregnant and plan on finding out the s_x of the baby.


lauren - February 17

I think they would not of told you if they were not sure of the s_x of the baby.



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