Things They Don T Tell You

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Sam - May 19

I'm 18 weeks, first time mom, and getting very frustrated! My doc, my mother, and my doula keep forgetting to warn me about certain things. For instance, nipple leakage. No one told me that was going to happen! i started freaking when I got wet spots in my bra! I know it's little, but I would have liked a heads up.... Anyone surprised by some aspect of pregnancy? I would love to know what else no one told me.... :)


Eve - May 19

there is a lot the doctors don't tell you and your mom probably doesn't remember. The Girlfirends Guide to Preganancy is the best book for this kind of stuff. It was given to me by my girlfriend who had her baby in january and so far most of it has come true. it is written especially for things that will happen that doctors don't talk about. good luck!!


Gaby - May 19

EVE what does the book say ??


Heidi - May 19

Okay, what's a doula? I just have a midwife! I'm 18 wks too. Thanks for the warning. No leaking yet but this morning when I looked in the mirror my b___bs looked gross! They were all lumpy and the nipples were huge! Lots of veins. Yuck!


leslie - May 19

I am mad THAT NO ONE TOLD ME THAT YOU MAY POOP IN THE TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! :( I would had thought about birth control, when having s_x!!!


Maleficent - May 19

a doula is a loabor coach and advocate. you don't NEED one to have a baby, my husband did a fine job.


LoLo - May 19

The best book ever is called "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy. She tells it like it is. It will make you laugh so hard while reading it. She holds nothing back. I got a kick out of it. A MUST read for all pregnant women


vanessa - May 19

No one told me that I would have as much pulling and stretching and discomfort as I've had so far. I know I should have expected this but... I didn't really think about it.


Karen - May 19

Well I think that every woman is different and every pregnancy. We each share somethings while we dont others. I know a girl who had nothing call moring sickness, went through her pregnancy with no problems, and baby movements keeping her up at night and tiredness in the end and to top it off 15 minutes into labor had her baby !!!!!. (I know lucky b**ch) No worry she is my friend so I can call her that. So I prefer not to here all the things that happen to you. I read weekly on what to expect but that is it.


Julie - May 19

One thing I never knew was when your water breaks the water just keeps coming. I thought I just all came out at once. When my water broke it kept coming out all the way to the hospital in the car, waiting room, and up to the room I don't know if it ever stopped!


Melissa - May 19

Nobody told me to expect bladder control problems. I do kegel exercises all the time and always have, but still the other day I had been putting off going to the bathroom and then I sneezed and pee came out, more than a few drops too! Nobody told me that would happen, turns out it is very common!



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