Things They Don T Tell You About Birth

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Wibble - April 19

Ok, since getting pregnant I've discovered that there are a few very unpleasant aspects about making babies that nobody bothered to tell me about before, like pooing during labor and and having a stranger poke his finger up your bottom afterwards! So, for those of you in the know, can you please tell me if there are any other surprises in store for me? I want to be prepared.


* - April 19



NickieDo - April 19

A friend of mine said they offered her an enema before birth.


jena - April 19

i'm a first-timer too and these things bother me, but I know that when we are in labor, we will NOT be thinking about leaving one on the table - and I don't think the finger thing is true at all! you can take an enema or i read last night that only 50% of women do go on the table, so just pretend you are part of the half that doesn't and you'll never know differently! GL!


Steph - April 19

I am an RN, this is my first baby too by the way. I have been in on several births, if you pooh on the table big deal. The Dr. and nurses are proffesionals and it happens all the time. As for other unpleasantries, talk to you Dr. about your concerns. Every Dr. practices different and can put your mind at ease, Also make a birth plan as to your wishes, within reason of course. I have done alot of reading my self and watched labor on TV to see different scenarios. I think just knowing what can happen can take away some of the anxiety of the unknown. Just remember, your labor and delivery will be just that , yours. It will be your experience, so ignore the horror stories, good luck.


*D* - April 20

Well, I dont remember getting poked in the rear but I was also afraid of pooping on the Dr. Fortunately that doesnt happen to everyone. I just farted, my daughter was the one who pooped as soon as she came out. Believe me, when you're in labor, you dont think about any of that stuff. Believe me, if I would have known I would be having a nurse help use the toilet and change all my padding and such, then I would have been freaking out too. Dont worry, just enjoy the ride beforehand.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 20

One thing I remember that cracked me up was the nurse constantly coming in and checking those boat pads they put on you. They didn't even ask, they just walked in pulled back the sheett, pulled back those horrible netting panties they put you in and looked. I remember thinking-Excuse Me!!!! I guess after you give birth there really is not such thing as being shy. Good Luck....


Carol - April 20

OMG - all this stuff that I am reading - no wonder women opt for at home births - I think that I am going to have to be very vocal about my wants while in the hospital and before. I guess that is why they tell you to have a birth plan. That is really disturbing about the pads. I had heard that you could wear another kind. I am think of bringing some of those always overnights with me. I figure, it is my body and I will do what I want with it - no fingers in my rear, no diapers, and no people just checking me because they feel like it! We are all smart women, if we listen to our bodies we can pretty much tell when something is wrong - besides how mamy times has someone felt like something wasn't right and the doctors didn't believe them only to find out later on that something was really wrong!


leslie - April 20

is it also true that they always ask after giving birht if you want to be tide??(so you can't have kids anymore.) I am very worried about this becasuse I thinkg that at that time you are so tired...and don't know what is going on that you may answer wrong or get confused or something and they will do it..and then BIG MISTAKE!! Maybe I worry about silly stuff..but shet happens, this is my first..I wouldn't like a big mistake like this happening for some reason. I want to have more kids..


$$$ - April 20

The negatives....You may throw up and pooh druing labor and after you might pa__s blood clots the size of golf b___s or have hemmroids (from pushing) and may emotionally out of whack for 6 weeks but in the end it is worth it!!!!! For some reason no one told me honestly what I would go through. I was physically fit and only in my late 20's but it was like running a marathon and then some. You won't care about much of it during because you just want to get that baby safely born. : )


to leslie - April 20

NO, that's not true--ask your doctor about that; mine definitely didn't ask me anything of the sort about getting tied . . . I'd be seriously concerned if they did since that's an entirely different procedure from having a baby anyway!! I didn't poo (that I know of) on the table, no finger in my bottom, but I had an episiotomy; I had the boat pads, but I was allowed to check mine myself--no one walked in and just looked at me!!


LESLIE - April 20

Maybe they just do that in some places...I am going to have to talk to my doctor about this because I want to be clear that I want to have about 5 or 6 kids....exept maybe I want to think about it twice after all this thigs that we have to go thru in labor!



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