Think Happy Thoughts Please

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twist - September 21

I've been coming to this forum on and off since back when I was only 5 weeks pregnant or so, and managed to sift through the build-up of repet_tive or down-right controversial questions to find some useful information and genuine support. Today, however, I decided to browse through some of the posts that weren't relevant to me that I had never looked at before. What an eyeopener! Some people really have nothing better to do than start fights and abuse each other over the internet, how cowardly and anonymous. I might expect that from controversial subjects such as abortion, drinking, drugs, cheating etc, but br___tfeeding, how soon you can feel baby move and choice of painkillers during labour? Most of the time the people arguing have nothing to do with the original subject, except for an opinion. The purpose of a forum is often misunderstood, it is about discussion and support, maybe even a little debate, but not outright aggression and hatred. So much angst. I understand we are all pregnant and hormonal, but come on, there is enough hate in the world already. This is a place to give and receive support, why not come here for that instead of to cause fights? After seeing what I have seen today, I'm a little bit scared to click on a seemingly innocent question now, just in case it turns into a full-on brawl half-way down the page! lol! I know that people will always come on here to cause trouble, obviously they enjoy stirring people up and as long as people keep reacting they will continue. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I hardly expect people to suddenly start being nice to each other just because I ask them to, just wanted to say 'Keep smiling and loving your babies, and try to ignore the negative. Who knows, we might just start a friendly general preg thread for people who just want to talk.


Tigerphoenix - September 21

Bravo! You hit the nail on the head. It is unfortunate that a place like this which can be so very helpful is pulled down by some people who just want to start fights. lol If I wanted to read that I would go the the political forum that I often frequent (some of those fights can get mighty entertaining). What irks me is when people post "well if you dont like it don't read it". Kinda hard to sift throught the arguing when the original posts are legitament Q&A. Heck one thread I read had good info about every 6 posts or so but you had to read the rest of it just to make sure that they didn't throw in some good info in the middle of thier rant. lol!


kl - September 21

amen...i so agree with everything you have said!



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