Think I May Be Pregnant And Am Very Anxious

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Hayls - July 6

Hi I'm feeling very anxious and panicky at the moment. The first reason is because I have a baby who is almost 12 months and he is going through a bad stage at the moment with his teeth and he is screaming constantly and won't go to sleep or be put down anywhere. It is driving me mad and I just can't stop crying about it. I half wonder whether it's normal to behave like he does. He literally screams and throws fits whilst he's in his cot. it's a nightmare. The second reason is that I have a strong suspicion that I am pregnant again. My period was only due a couple of days ago but I'm normally always on time and I just think instinctively that i must be pregnant. I feel so anxious because I'm not coping well with my 12 month old and now I'm worried what to do. Any advice please!


d16mond - July 7

Hi Hayls, I think it would be helpful to go see your gp and discuss your situation, so that he/she can help put a support system in place there are organisations who can help you with information and general mother support. Plus you sound like you need a break, perhaps a few hours couple days a week when you can focus on yourself and inturn de-stress. Counselling might help as well, I have issues with severe anxiety and Im considering counselling so that I have someone other then my friends and family to talk to. My periods have always been right on the dot as well, but I noticed a few times they were late but I wasn't pregnant. Thats not to say you aren't pregnant, but give it a few more days. If your too anxious to wait then get a test done, don't stress have a nice bath and relax and pamper yourself. I'm currently having my third child. And I needed all the support I could get when they were little ones. I had two under 2, double trouble, But its all worth it. They are precious. If mum isn't feeling good they can sense that your not ok, and this will make them act out. You need to make sure all your needs are sorted out as well so that you can feel good about you and your baby. All the best. Take care. I really hope everything goes well for you.



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