Thinking About Breastfeeding

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Not Sure - November 30

I've been thinking about br___tfeeding, since this is my last baby. I've never done it before. Can someone give advice on pro's and con's of br___tfeeding? I've heard that it's more difficult, and time consuming than formula feeding. And I've heard that it makes you leak at any time, and sore. Also, I've noticed the clear stuff coming out of one of my nipples for two months, and now it's coming out of both. I'm six months now.(24 weeks?) I don't remember this happening so soon with my first two.


~m~ - November 30

It isn't for everyone, as not all women can produce enough. But for me, it was a WONDERFUL thing. With my first child, it took a little while to get him to latch on properly, and there was some soreness involved in that. But the reward was huge. It is such a bonding experience. My advice would be to at least try it, then if it's not for you, that's your choice. Or if your body just won't produce enough, that's not your fault. But as far as pro's and con's. For me, there were very few con's, and the pro's were so special that they outweighed everything else. It is a beautiful thing, honestly it is! Best of luck to you!


LIsa*9 - November 30

You might get a better response from the b___stfeeding page on this site. I am pg with #3 and plan on feeding this one too. My childreen never had formula in any of thier lives,hope this one is the same,in that matter


Dawn - November 30

I have heard horror stories on b___stfeeding. I quit work and wanted to b___stfeed since I was not working. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! no bottles or mess with having to fix a bottle just flop the b___st out. My lil guy latched on just fine when he was just born. I had no engorgement or anything. I had a lil bit of sore nipples but it is worth it. I did not pump for 4-5 wks. Now I only have 3 bags put up. one 5oz 4oz and 3oz bag. I figure if I get sick this will help tie the baby off. I do not want to pump very often because it will increase my supply and pumping will be a must. I have enough milk and nothing extra big. I do leak a little but the nursing pads help me out. At night I have to wear a bra and pads or the bed will be soaked. I would definatley give it a try GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jamie - November 30

Breastfeeding is more difficult and time-consuming, for the first month. After that, it's soooooooooooo much easier. You don't need to worry about measuring or mixing formula, or washing bottles, or whether nipple flow is too slow or too fast, etc. And, you really only "leak" the first month or so - once you regulate to your baby, it's not a problem. Same with soreness - after the first 6 weeks, it's not an issue. The only "con" I see to b___stfeeding is that I'm the only one who can do it...if I want someone else to feed my baby, I have to, she won't take a bottle, so it wouldn't even matter if I did pump.


Sarah - November 30

Jamie took the exact words out of my mouth. They only thing I wanted to add is that I had no problems w/ latching or soreness at all! I guess I got lucky. Also if I were you I'd read a book on b___stfeeding before baby comes so you will have the knowledge!


~m~ - November 30

Also, I wanted to add that at the hospital where I had my sons, they had an on-call lactation consultant that made rounds every day and was a huge help. Those ladies really know what they are doing! Also, the nurses help a lot with technique..... well, the good ones anyway! :o)



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