Thinking Its A 50 50

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Princess - April 19

ok so here it is ...My bf was told by drs his chance of having children were slim ..however we are rather active and dont use any protection me I have tried 3 pills and hemorrage* last period was march7-9 and I havent had my period since then I did spot on Easter for like 2 hrs but nothing since then..I'm tired alot and around the same time every day I get a nausea feeling in my stomach ...I'm not really sure but....


Misty - April 19

This is where doctors sometimes really really don't know what they are talking about. My fiance had a doctor tell him pretty much the same thing, that he would have a hard time ever having children. We have a two year old son and now I am pregnant again. These things happen. I swear, doctors sometimes.....:-) GL if you want to be.


Princess - April 19

Oh we would definetly be really happy no doubt about that..sometimes my bf will lay in bed with me and rub my belly and talk about having a baby ..the dr.s told my biological dad the same thing and he has 3 me being the oldest at 19 so I'm wondering if they pull these diagnotics out of their rears...ty misty and gl and hope the baby and u are well


nhb - April 19

sounds like the Easter spotting might've been implantation bleeding--how long are your cycles usually b/c implantation occurs usually at least 1 week before your period is expected . . .


Princess - April 19

it can last anywhere from 3-4 days and and when i seen the blood I thought I was starting but then later on I went to the bathroom and there was nothing and the was the last time anything like that has happened...


A - April 19

Princess- I know of 2 men whose doctors told them they were not able to conceive, and they BOTH have children. My doctor told me she would NEVER tell a man they are not able, because there is always a possiblity at some point. Good luck. Keep us updated! Baby Dust to you!***


Princess - April 19

Thank for all the info girls have been to everyone and hope all babies are well


<<wow>> - April 19

maybe you shouldnt of had unprotected s_x and if you dont want kids just because his doctor said it was slim doesnt mean its impossible maybe you should make him wear something<<duh>>


Princess - April 19

ok wow thats kool that u didn't read any of my post before huh ? bc if u had then u would know that I do want kids...I love children as well as does my fiance...w/e


ashley - April 19

take a test.........then you will know..good luck!


Foxy - April 19

I know a couple who were told that they had zero chance of conceiving naturally after 2 years of trying. They were thinking about other alternatives, when low and behold....they got pregnant! So you see, it can happen! :-) Some doctors talk out of there a__ses.


Kelly K - April 20

I agree with Misty. My doc told me that I'd probably never have children. And here I am now almost 12 weeks pregnant.


Princess - April 20

Thanks again ..and congrate Kelly K...hope u and baby are well....


Princess - April 20

man I feel so sick I'm getting a cold I have a stuffy/runny nose and I'm so tired ...its pretty warm here yesterday it was liek 80 out it felt great



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