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sam - January 7

they say your chances of getting p. is closest to the time your ovulating. How long does ovulation last? One day, or a few hours?


Melissa - January 7

Ovulation starts approximately 14 days after the first day of your last period and lasts about 3-4 days. So if you are ttc, you should start on day 12 after your period and continue for a week every other day. For more info, this site is great to tell you the most fertile dates. and check their fertility calendar on the right. Good luck to you!


jenny - January 7

i read somewhere that your egg has to be fertilized 12-24 hours after ovulating. But i have also read to have s_x every other day once you think you are ovulating. If you go to there will be an ovulation calender, itll give you the days that you are most likely to be fertile. I did tried that and we did the baby dance every other day that it said i would be fertile. I hope i helped.


E - January 7

The ovum lives btw 12 and 24 hours. Sperm can sometimes take days to reach the egg so if you are ttc, follow Melissa's advice.


Mellissa - January 7

Ovulation does not last 3-4 days, You ovulate the egg, it desends down the tube for fertilization and, if it isn't met by a sperm within 12 HOURS, it is useless. What I think you mean is that you are fertile for about four days. This is the case because a mans sperm can live up to 4 days inside of you so you can have s_x say, 52 hours before you ovulate the egg and those sperm will be around to fertilize the egg when it shows up. Also, sperm do not travel at the same speed. A man can release the sperm inside you and while the fastest ones get there in 12 hours, some take as long as 48 hours to show up to where the egg is or, will be. It's also been shown to be true that you shouldn't be having s_x a million times a day in the few days leading up to your expected ovulation time because everytime a man ejaculates, it takes a bit of time to build up his sperm count again. You have much better odds doing it every 24 hours or so because the sperm count will be higher each time you have s_x. If you do it all the time, you may be "trying more" but the sperm count will be much lower each of those tries. Try having s_x in the five days leading up to your expected time of ovulation as well as the day of. Remember this though: It's useless to have s_x right as you are ovulating because the egg is only around for 12 hours and if the fastest sperm are taking 12 hours to get to the egg, they will be too late and will show up just as the egg is "dying". Be sure to also find out when you are ovulating. If you have a standard 28 day cycle than you should be ovulating on the 14th day after the first day of your period. If you are unsure of your ovulation time than you can use and over-the-counter ovulation predictor to help.


carol - November 4

when is the earliest you can take a pregnacy test and get accurate results?



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