This Is Hard

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JLorenzo - May 11

Being a parent to a newborn is hard! It is hard knowing what she needs and being sure of yourself when you think you know. We feed her because she makes a sucking motion an hour after she has already eaten and then she vomits. Then she cries and doesn't want anything until we realize an hour later that maybe she is hungry since she puked it all up an hour ago. Sleep is at a premium as is our nerves. We love her and want to help her and make her comfortable, but sometimes we just don't know what to do.


Rachel* - May 11

I feel for you Josh. I am going to be a new mom at the end of September and I am expecting the worst (as far as sleep and nerves go). I wish you the best of luck.


JLorenzo - May 11

The thing that makes it worse is that most of her crankiness occurs at night. My wife is great with her. The motherly instinct has kicked in, but even with that, we have all these questions. We have called the nurses in the hospital many times already for a comforting tip or rea__suring word.


BBK - May 11

Thanks for making me freak out more than I already am Josh *LOL*.... I read about this gadget that will translate baby cries, soon to hit the market in Japan.... only it will be in Japanese! The English version will probably not be out till mid 2006. Hang in there bud!


To JLorenzo - May 11

You and your wife will be just fine. Being a first time parent is very difficult. But the longer you are with your baby, the more you will get to know her and understand her cries/noises, etc. My husband and I went through the exact same thing...I promise it does get better. As far as sleep deprivation goes, get used to that. You will have many more years of sleepless nights to come. Good luck and go love on that beautiful baby!


KEEKEE - May 11

This is what worked for me. Try to feed her every 2 to 4 hours.Make sure you burp her after she eats. Change her after every feeding. Hopefully she would sleep for a least a hour. Try to sleep at the same time as her. That way you are well rested when night comes. Sometime we as parents can over do it. Maybe she has too much or not enough clothes on. Maybe she likes arocking motion. a swing or cradle works well......Very soon you will be able to read her every cry. It takes time to get useto a new person in the house. Don't worry , it will get easlier. You will be Super Dad. Try to relax and enjoy your beautiful baby. Good Luck and don't be afraid to ask for help.


C - May 11

You should read the Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp - a life saver! Try swaddling the baby, rocking motions, white noise(you can buy this on CD), etc. Also, try to feed her smaller amounts. If she is only making a sucking motion, she may not be hungry - feeding her again and then getting sick isn't good - it only makes her feel worse. Try giving her a pacifier when she sucks. Don't worry, with each day it will get easier. One thing you ought to try is you and your wife taking turns at night - one night you do it, the next night she does it (if she is b___stfeeding, she may try pumping so that she can get a little more rest) Having plenty of sleep (which is hard) will help both of your nerves. You may even think about supplimenting with formula for those nightly feedings....Good luck to you and keep your chin up!


Heidi - May 11

Great, you're scaring me! I pray for one of those perfect babies that never cry but I'm the most unluckiest person in the world so that won't happen. Ha ha! Hang in there!


jean - May 11

dont you wish the book of info came out with the after birth. Well it dose'nt but after a while you will get to know what your babys crys mean good luck you you and congrats


D - May 11

hah! I'm awfully glad there isn't a book in there ... I'm gonna get big enough already! ;-) (sorry, I'm such a smarty today...) Josh - you are scaring me too. Thank God I have a very patient man for a husband.... I can tell I'm gonna need him... And BBK - tell me where I can get that translator! Are the results audio or text? I'll go buy a Japanese/English dictionary or hire a translator!!! anything!


JLorenzo - May 12

Sometimes all the patience in the world doesn't help when you have fed her, cleaned her, swaddled her and burped her and yet, she still wails! But fortunately you pick up things as you go. For example, last night she did the same thing. We fed her early and she puked it all up! So this time, we are letting her cry until it is feeding time. She will need to deal with it!


Maleficent - May 12

your fighting an uphill battle trying to shedual feedings and letting her cry till the next feeding. i tried that with my first and by the time i fed him he was so frantic that he couldn't eat and thus followed about 2 days of screaming and messed up feedings. what are you feeding her? if she's nursing get a LC in there, if it's formual you may need to try a different brand. my son was allergic to the first 4 brands i tried, and there i was like some monster starving him between feedings then poisoning his little body with iron that made him sick. :o( you live and learn, i did alot of things with my first baby that i would now never dream of doing with my other kids.


D - May 12

All the patience in the world may not help solve the baby's problems, but at least I won't have a husband having a nervous breakdown nearly so easily as some guys I know... I'm sure things will get easier as you and the baby start to understand each others cues better... at least, this is what I'm hoping... for you, and when my child is born, me!


Davida - May 12

Try to relax and think of the next 6 mos as a learning curve! You will learn her cries and schedule and soon you will not even remember life before her! Trust your instincts but don't be afraid to ask another parent or the pediatrician about what may seem "silly" things! Also, sleep in shifts and if you do not have one, get a swing!!! Best wishes!!!


Lissi - May 12

I wish I could offer some good advice, but I'm a first timer too and have all these joys to come. I'm very nervous about it. Hope you and your little one settle into a workable routine soon. You sound like a great Dad to me. :)


mom of 2 - May 12

J- You should ask your babies ped. if she may need to switch to soy formula. My oldest had the same problem and it was cause she was lactose intolerant.



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