This Is Probably A Dumb Question But I Have To Ask

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Blonde - November 19

Can I wear thongs through my entire pregnancy?


anonymous - November 19

I think that is really rude of you to say, brunette. In regards to your pregnancy and wearing thongs I know that they sell thongs for pregnant women so if you are gonna wear them it's at your disgretion just make sure they are cotton


E - November 19

I wear my pre-pregnant thongs still (5.5 months along) and have no problems with it. I think panty lines are unattractive and would go without panties b4 wearing briefs.


Dez - November 19

I have wore thongs through my entire pregnancy, I think they are more personally think they are more comfortable. but I did buy some grannies for when I go into labor, lol.


KM - November 19

I wore thongs up till the end because all my normal underwear started getting small lol. I just bought bikini brief kind of underwear in a couple sizes bigger than normal.Plus when you are in the hospital and post-baby you will want some good coverage lol


ad - November 19

Ok this is gonna sound be grose, but I am serious...yes, the only thing you need to make sure that you clean your self very well after a bm. It has been said that thongs can spread bacteria from fecal matter because it can get onto the underwear and spread to the v____al area so easily. And yes they do sell maternity thongs, if they are comfy...go for it!


dana - November 20

you know what i think???i think immature people whom don't have a life should be on GROWN-UP sites like this pregnancy site where people with real questions come to get real answers and something should be done about that embasol!!!!!!!!!


Dez - November 20

hey dana, whats your problem, who are you to say which questions are real. they are obviously real enough for someone else to ask. and have you ever heard "if your not part of the solution, your part of the problem." so your negativity doesnt help the site either.


E - November 21

are you talking about dana oh i made a mistake about her she is really friendly and informative and i think she has very good advice and by the way she is by no means fat she is a s_xy 9 month pregnant thong model...sorry for any misunderstandings....


dana - November 21

oh is there another dana because i wouldn't want to be misunderstood for the dumb dana that has high morals. and i so much approve of thongs i couldn't wear any other type of god i'm only 24 so please people don't get me mixed up with the wrong dana


Dez - November 21

that last post that says from E, isnt the real E, she said in another post earlier that she was going to bed, and no more posts were gonna come from her. and dana why are you trying to recover your name, after everything you caused in your other posts


Angie - November 28

I wouldn't wear anything but thongs. To me they are more comfortable and when you get bigger they have maternity thongs. But you will want to invest in some bikini underware for after the baby because you won't be wanting to wear your thongs.


E - November 28

Lol that Dana used my name to support her ridiculous views. Thanks for your 11/21 post Dez:) I certainly did not post that Dana was helpful or friendly. She freaked when people did not agree with her views.


Jackie Ginsburg - November 28

Yes you can wear thongs during your pregnancy, This is my 2nd baby and im due any day. I wore thongs through both pregnancys and my babies are in perfect health. Go to Motherhood Maternity They sell thongs for pregnancy (there really comfy!)


T - November 29

Wear them as long as you are comfortable....I did but be prepared for won't want to be caught in one for a while! Good Luck


Mellissa - November 30

Since I hated thongs to begin with, I can't be of much help but I think it's best to stick to cotton no matter what kind of underwear you choose and make sure they aren't tight because you wouldn't want a yeast infection. Even women that have never had one can get one while they're pregnant. Yuk.



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