This May Be A Silly Question But

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hopeful07 - March 25

I had s_x two days ago when I noticed that I had fertile mucus. Today I have felt ovulation pains. I have read a lot of things about timing of intercourse and ovulation and all that stuff, but I want to know what you think about whether or not I could get pregnant. I want to know your experiences with timing of intercourse and ovulation rather than some writer that has never experienced any of this before.


mjvdec01 - March 25

With both my pregnancies s_x was timed with ovulation. I think that most of the women on these boards at timing the two. It wouldn't be too productive to do it otherwise if you were serious about ttc. Anyway, with my first we had s_x the day I got my positive opk, skipped a day, and had s_x again the next day. That time gave us our now two year likd daughter Madalyn. This time I timed ovulation using a digital fertility monitor. We started having s_x when it told me my chances were elevated and continued until two days after the opk went negative. We did it ever 24 hours for about 6 days I think. This time we are expecting a baby boy (Nathan James Venable) and my due date is july 24th. Almost forgot, with my first we got pregnant the first try, and with this pregnancy it took two cycles. Is this the information you were looking for?


curiousme - March 26

hopeful07- I don't have experience with pregnancy yet, but I've been tracking mine, too. I had fertile EWCM on 3/13 - 3/16, believe it or not. I also felt O pains on 3/12 or 3/13. Also, you generally have EWCM for 3 days, and egg lives 12-24, and sperm live 5. I just read on Wiki answers this week that a women can actually be fertile for 7 days due to all this. Don't know how much truth or help this brings, but Good Luck!!


Naomi98 - March 26

It's generally agreed that you are most fertile before you ovulate - that's when you and your husband/boyfriend should be getting busy. That way there are sperm present when the egg is released. Chances of getting pregnant after you ovulate are a lot less. Use an ovulation prediction kit or chart your temperatures to find out when you ovulate. Good luck!



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