This May Sound Nasty

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Jade - September 19

This may sound Nasty but has anyone noticed a change when they do number 2.... ???I know I have it's been extremely soft not diarrhea or anything but not firm at all, and I'm not going as much.... I mean when I go it's not a lot at all just a little


Liz - September 19

That happened to me about 1-2 weeks before I went into might be getting pretty close


to jade - September 19

Do you think it could be your metabolism speeding up? Are you drinking more water or eating more fruits? You should talk to your dr. to make sure you're staying hydrated.


nhb - September 20

I've had the same problem Jade, throughout most of the pregnancy. It just affects some women differently. I feel for you, and it definitely sucks and it is gross. I hate it . . . but such is the price for the little baby(ies) we will love so much : ) Good luck! And how far along are you? I'm 32 weeks tomorrow.


Jade - September 20

I'm only six weeks along...... it's yucky but I think I will take this over morning sickness anyday...LOL


Liz - September 20

6're not that close lol. Can't hurt to check with the doc.


D - September 20

Enjoy it, before you know it you will have the extreme opposite problem!!!


Elienith - September 20

well i'm 8 weeks and i'm not close but i get it too lol


Lisa - September 20

I had that for a few days then back to normal, I did not know what was going on either and if it was normal. But I was a__sured by the lovely women here that it is!


elizabeth - September 20

i am 19 weeks pregnant..i had this problem from the start of my pregnancy and hasnt ended day im constipated the other i have the runs and then alot of the time its soft like you said...its crazy lol...but its all worth it cant wait to see my lil baby!!!


Elienith - September 21

so elizabeth u think it would happened to all of us becuase i'm getting very tired of it lol but want can i do .. i', with u i can't wait intill seeing my baby... it a woman JOB!!! lol



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