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Katie - October 20

Hi ladies! My hubby and I live on a ranch, and Ive been telling him that I want a dog around the house...well, we just found out im pg, and his mom doesnt think i can handle a puppy and a baby....come on, the baby's not coming for a while! Well, I was venting to my own mom, and she said I should just tell my mother in law that when the baby comes, if its too much work having both, then I will just give the baby up for adoption! that will certainly get a rise outta my MIL! I know some of you hormonals might take that seriously, so...just for the record, its a joke, and i love my baby more than life itself!


Jamie - October 20

My husband started asking me for a dog about a week before we found out I was pregnant - I was considering it until I knew I was pregnant - since then, every time he asks for a dog, I ask him if he'd rather have the dog or the daughter. :)


jb - October 20

LOL! That would be too funny to tell her you would put the baby up for adoption. We got a puppy about a month before we found out I was pregnant. I love my puppy and shes really good. It was hard at first. They have to pee about every 20 minutes when they are young. It helped us prepare for a newborn b/c we would take turns taking her outside about every 2 hours at night. And Ill say it- it sucked!!!! I was soo tired! But it was totally worth it. We got ours when she was 6 weeks. We had to train her to go outside, and crate train her. That was terrible I felt so bad that she was in a cage all day. But she is doing great now. Been trained for several months. I just hope she does okay with the baby. If not, I love her but she will be outta here very fast :o)


LOL - October 20

I did the same thing to my husband, he told me that if our cat starts freaking out and pooping everywhere when the baby comes that we would have to give him away. Jokingly, I said "When the baby comes if Walter (the cat) starts pooping everywhere, I will get rid of the baby not Walter" It was just a joke, but it made him laugh instead of him being so serious about giving the cat away if it poops on the floor. I think it's fine to have a pet AND a kid it might be a little more work then just having one but it's not that bad.


<<<<------------>>>> - October 20

LMAO! I think that is very funny, you should tell her that next time you see her! ~:)


BL - October 20

I think a puppy will be a lovely addition to the family. It will grow with the baby over the years. Children love animals.


Beth S - October 20

i bought a puppy when i was 5 months preggo so by the time the baby came she was trained and everything. i dont see it as a problem at all. just make sure to get puppy used to all the baby sounds and things like that


MM - October 21

We had a dog when i was pg with my daughter. Well after the baby came he was horribly jealous and started to mark everything even though he was neutered. I would definately wait until after the baby comes. Maybe when the baby is around 2 let him/her get a puppy.


Alex - October 22

I have 3 daogs a 2 year old and one on the way. As long as the dogs are treated well and part of the family, no problems. I love them ALL!


DB - October 22

Get a dog! We have a one year old boxer-He's the sweetest thing ever..He loves people, kids, other dogs, the cat (sort of!) Your baby will have an unbelievable bond with that dog! Golden's are great family dogs too (hairy though)...Plus our puppy was completely housebroken by the time he was about 4 months old! Hope your MIL chills out!


Ñ - October 23

lol i think your mother is a genius i think that you should tell your MIL exactly that just if anything to see what her reponse to it would be!!!


Lisa - October 23

Get the puppy. You live on a ranch! Hello luckiness! I wish. Lots of room to play outside for the dog. I've got two female mini schanuzers (1 and 2) and they are hyper and a baby on the way and I LOVE my little fur babies. My little one's will get used to baby when she comes, they've been good around babies so far. Plus, dogs give you something that you just can't get from people; they make me so happy just looking at them.


buglet - October 24

Boy oh boy! We bought a dog about a month before we found out we were pregnant. We bought the puppy for my 2 y/o son to grow up with so he could have a lil buddy! lol. My parents really dislike the idea of the dog now because next year me and my fiance are getting married soon after our second baby is born and we will be moving out too. We aren't in that great of a financial situation too. The puppy is quite cute, but I believe it will be alot of work next year with two children and a dog plus the wedding and moving out. Any ideas how to cope?



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