This Needs To Be Said About Immunization

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BBKs Best Friend - October 8

hap-heartedly news articals both visual and read spew on and on about getting all those child ,annual, seasonal , of age , and circ_mstantial immunizations . So often the public listens respectfully to assumed professionalism yet they sometimes can be wary due to the many reactions their children have , yet you are likely to be told that there is no scientific evidence that a shot was the cause of any severe stories told . How often has anyone heard of the medical profession fessing up to immunization being the cause because lets face it ' never ' would be impossible and just not true . Immunization should never be administered for the'What If' reason nor should it be administered because the masses have been as a protection to the have nots . This is simply because the child is being immunized naturally right in the womb , br___tfeeding is also a welcoming form . The body is capable of fighting many things and it's resource should not be used up with far too many shots and ones which you don't believe to be necessary . The whole thing is based on legitimate odds and those odds are easily distinguished by how severe the illness is and the chances of contracting the illness . All children suffer some form of reaction and or irritation to immunization , this does not mean they are immune 'EVER' it only 'ASSUMES' they're little bodies are given a better chance at identifying those bad cells when and if they come along and sometimes the shot backfires . It would be far too expensive of a proposition to test children before administering so the medical companies try to manufacture the safest ways possible . I think the medical profession has done many wonderful things but immunization is not one of them and not done very responsibly either . I am only voicing this because of the lack of cautiousness many of you and med companies take to the topic . I am not a medical professional but have kept my eyes and ears open for many years on the topic worldwide since Beecham and Pastuer including how they are made , how they are transpoted , what temperatures they must be stored at , their life span , how and what forms they are administered in and much much more and this for several reasons but mostly because of some very shaky stories coming up here on this forum .


ally - October 8

Do you plan to immunize your child? If i can prevent, hep b, menningococal, polio etc i will do it. I don't think b___st feeding is going to fight off polio dear and i will put up with a 5 min cry although its painful to see, to prevent my daughter contracting any kind of life threatening, disabling disease. This topic will cause a huge reaction i imagine but i must say i am all for it and again anything to deter my daughter contracting anything life threatening, i will do it....... I wouldn't dare even take her out in the street which is full of germs unimmunized. I love her too much to put her life in danger, menningococal for eg has killed children, there wasn't a vaccine until recently, i gamble at the casino, not with my childs life though. Do inform me of an example of the horror stories u have heard regarding immunizing on this forum, i am legitimately curious. I agree u aren't a medical professional and u know as much about immunizing as the next non medical professional who is sitting here reading ur essay.


uh huh - October 8

I would suggest you read I hope you realize that any immunities pa__sed from mother to child even while b___stfeeding are no where near life-long and can not be relied apon to proctect infants from illness. There is also no garantee that vaccines will provide immunity to 100% of people it is administered to but the risk of being infected after being vaccinated is less than 1% while the unvaccinated people have around have anywhere from 25% - 1% (depending on the disease) possibility of escaping infection should they be exposed to it. Humans in general are exposed to dozens of live antigens naturally each day with no ill effect on their immune systems, so recieving six to eight inactivated, dead or partial antigens poses little threat to a healthy body. It is recommended that no one recieves vaccines if they are already ill to avoid complications to that illness (so if you have a cold, it is possible it could turn into pneumonia) and not because it puts you at risk for contracting the disease you are being vaccinated for. At no time has the FDA denied that severe reactions can occur, they actually warn about it, as well as any mild to moderate reactions that can and do occur. I for one will take your advice though and resist listening "to a__sumed professionalism" which you seem to have and trust people who are actually medical professionals. I am also in no way encouraging anyone else to take my word on this either, talk to your own doctor and do your own research from credible sources. If a site can not provide sufficient scientific research and refrences, it is not credible.


You'll find germs in the ally - October 8

you would be surprised how many physicians do not immunize their children against polio . Your statement regarding that you agree that I am not a medical professional makes me ROTFLMAO . Your children 'ARE' contaminated . I hope you are not a fool but go ahead explain to me just how your children have not come into contact with any of the diseases you have mentioned and have you yourself been immunized with all that you have mentioned . Go put your shoes on , and your kids and move right in to the docs office and hang out there for a month and just see how many different shots there are . Poke yourself full of holes LOL I have countless stories for you and I really don't think I want my kids anywhere near your disease infested children. I love mine to much to put them in danger also . You obviously very heavily support all immunization to the degree of being someone in the feild of possibly earning a living from it otherwise you would not have misunderstood what I wrote . Either that or you decided to skim read . You need to sit down with a mother crying who desperately explained to doctor after doctor and even joined a group to explain that her child was fine and immediately the day after immunization her daughter changed and became weirder and weirder until down the road the girl was diagnosed with autism .


to uh huh - October 8

very little of what you said is true


Jamie - October 8

My great-grandmother, now deceased, had polio as a child. If I can help protect both my child and yours from that crippling and debilitating disease, simply by giving my daughter a shot, then that's what I'm going to do. So many people these days have no personal experience with these horrible diseases...and they say the incident rate of the disease is too low to necessitate vaccination, but has anyone bothered to look up how frequently these diseases occurred before the advent of widespread vaccinations? When you vaccinate your child, you're not just protecting your child, you're protecting everyone else's child, too.


over it - October 8

I'm a little over those who come on here and try to freak people out about immunizations. The risk of not getting your child immunized is far greater than having them done. There is a reason why we live longer and healthier than 100 years ago. Part of the reason diseases are starting to pop up again are because of those who refuse to have their children immunized. More than likely you were immunized and are fine. I certainly hope you're keeping your disease ridden children hidden away from the rest of society.


Polio - October 8

I had a friend who was polio immunized and he ended up with polio diabling his arm and leg on the left side of his body . Rare but nonethless polio has very tricky calculations worldwide as to whether the vaccine really is responsible for irraticating the disease because of the timing in which it was administered versus how much it had already dissipated before the vaccine . Same idea as SARS . It tamed its attacks no immunization but if developed would it matter or have mattered.


scareing you yet ? - October 8

never rely on polls and statistics , they are always (bar none) circ_mstantial and never tell you the truth (ever) . Do something like bang on every door in a community find out how many are sick with the flu just before the communities flu shots then go back after the shots have taken place and see how many have the flu . My job actually allows me to find that information out not deliberately but because I'm there and have done this many times over a decade and a half .


to over it - October 8

Well said! Exactly what I am thinking! I grew up here and decided, at the age of 20 to pursue my dream of working in Africa. Thank God my mother had had the sense to vaccinate me against polio, etc. when I was a child. We think we are so sheltered here, and maybe it is true...but once you leave your peaceful suburbian home and go to developing countries it is easy to see how horrendous these diseases are...and people there can not fight them off "naturally". None of us know what our child's life will bring them and it is our responsibility to protect them any way we can - and not giving them a shot because of the POSSIBLE risk versus protecting them from diseases that DO IN FACT exist is not protecting them.


Lara - October 8

I am curious though, I will be a first time mother w/in the next month and am unsure of all the different vaccines that they will be giving my baby(live in the us). Could anyone give me a list of them and what they are FORand at what AGE they are to be given?


Ranya - October 8

Where is BBK anyway?


Jamie - October 8

Lara, do a google search on 'vaccines'.


To BBK - October 8

It's a choice. Mine is to protect my kids from disease. If you want to protect yours from vaccines go ahead. The effects of disease are proven and vaccine effects are not.


Ranya - October 8

BBK didn't write any of these just says "BBK's best friend"...was just wondering where BBK went because he was always very helpful and well informed...


uh huh - October 8

you make no sense at all! Really! You have no idea what you are talking about. Do you even have a point? You spew all this so called 'knowledge' about the evils and untruths about vaccinating, but aren't against them? Can someone find me a translator because I don't understand all this idiotic babbling...


whatever - October 8

what a waste of time this has been ! What brought me here was the whining and snivelling about difficulties after the immunizations and the fascination to immunize against everything imaginable . Some people here can be such pill popping drug shooting maniacs . I hope this thread dies .



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