Thoughts On Cloth Diapers

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Andie - October 18

Well, Erin I will agree with you on one thing for sure: diapers pretty much stink! lol I don't know what to think about the diaper free method; I should probably go back and re-learn it as my exposure to it was to make fun of/attack it. It wasn't even presented to us as real, but instead as a sort of baby, I do think this society is a bit diaper obsessed. I am disgusted when I see three year olds still in the things! My mom had me fully potty-trained BY one year of age. There is no way my baby is going to be three years old before they finally learn what pottying is; I will be following in my mom's footsteps with the one-year method. If a baby can learn how to eat food, clap their hands, crawl, walk, etc, they can certainly learn how to go potty and express to their parents when they need to go.


kb - October 18

I think cloth diapers have a bad rap because of how they used to be. My friend have twin newborns and uses cloth diapers-except when going out of the house-which isn't an everyday expedition. They are more cost effective (even when using a diaper service-which I recommend) and environmentally friendly. Also they give children less rashes than disposables if changed frequently-which they should be and not be allowed to sit in their waste. They also help children learn how to potty train more quickly because they feel the sensation of being wet instead of having a disposable stay dry all day. And Erin- you are right, I know people who used the Elimination and their children were potty trained at 9 months. I will definitely use cloth diapers!


Andie - October 18

I think the rash thing depends a lot onthe baby's skin. I saw less rashes with disposables than with cloth. In my family, a lot have sensitive skin - particularly to cottonish materials - so that did not surprise me. Though I don't plan going the cloth route again, I do find the "feeling the sensation" thing interesting. I suppose it would be a tad easier for a baby to feel it in a cloth diaper, though as with them, disposables have come a long way and have specific diapers that train children to feel it wet. Either way, one year of age = potty trained!


kr - October 18

Just curious, Are you thinking of doing it for the environmental aspect too?


Andie - October 18

This popped up on MSN today. Thought some people might be interested; remove any dashes.


Liz - October 19

I don't use cloth diapers on my baby's behind but I do use them as burp cloths. They work great for that use!! It absorbs easily and alot.


Jamie - October 19

I use cloth dipes cause my girl is allergic to the plastic in disposables...I keep a bucket of hot water with laundrey detergent in it in my daughter's room. When I change her, I just dump the dirty diaper into the bucket to soak. When I put her to bed at night, I empty out the water, and throw the dipes into the washing machine with more detergent and a little bleach - throw 'em into the dryer first thing in the morning. I never run out of clean diapers, and it's not a ha__sle. They also stay bright white and clean enough to use as either diapers or burp cloths. (oh yah, I use prefolds with pins, not the new kind with snaps.)


Lynn - October 19

My husband & I figured out the economics of using cloth diapers, and if you plan on using them for more that 2 kids, then you will save money (if they last that long). Where we live, we pay for water, so ever wash load is added into the price of the diaper, we pay for electricity, so every time the dryer runs, it costs us more, we pay for the detergent - and because diapers touch the most sensitive parts of baby, you have to use a good detergent. And besides, with working full time & being a fulltime mom, I really don't want to have to do a load of diapers every signle night of the week, so I would need to purchase enough for probably a 2 day supply or so, which makes it a little more expensive to start up. And the environmental aspect is really just a lure for people who think green. All those washloads and all that detergent gets dumpoed down your drains and into your community drainage system and out into the rivers & streams eventually. So, do you pollute the local water areas or do you fill a landfill? Either way you look at it, there reallly isn;t an environmental arguement for the use of cloth diapers.


BL - October 19

I hope that if your DH wants to use cloth diapers, he'll be storing them and washing them for you. I'd say it would be too much work.


Jenn 2 - October 19

I used them with both my kids so much cheaper and the only real ha__sel is an extra load of laundry they are much softer on babys bottom and my 2 kids never had a diaper rash untill we went away and had to use paper ones . Night time you just use a thicker liner in them , They are far the best for you and baby both I mean you in your pocket book , they are not much harder to use then paper and my dh had no trouble changeing them there is so much out there now valcrow ect I used the pin ones myself and hey they make great dusters after well good luch with what ever you choose its your choice but heyu why not at least try I used JENN 2 as i see there is another jen so no one get confused


Actually... - October 20

...there is a valid argument to using cloth to be more environmentally friendly. No-one ever seems to take into account the fact that more water is used to manufacture disposables than to launder cloth, and that is for a once-only use, so it's an ongoing waste of water AND landfill space. Also, it's not recommended to use a ton of harsh bleaches and laundry powder anymore, because that adds to the risk of developing a rash. Things have come so far with cloth, but people seem determined to stick to the old ways and then tell other people that it isn't worth it. Ask anyone who has sorted out a personal cloth system that works for them, and they will tell you the REAL facts on cloth, not what the disposable manufacturers' want you to hear. It might take perserverance at first, but it's definitely worth it in the end. This subject is kind of like b___stfeeding and natural birth, there are a lot of old wives tales still circulating that should have been laid to rest by now.


Jenn 2 - October 20

you use one load a wk and very little bleach if any and do you know there is bleach in the cotton filling in the diaper and think of all the waste of the siapers ending up in the land fill with pooh in them at least with cloth you though it in the toilet , and you dont even need bleach . cloth is way better for the enviorment


Leigh - October 20

Maybe they're better for the environment, but I will not use them. I think it's an incredible ha__sle having to switch your baby out whenever you decide to leave the house. My little family leaves the house a lot - nearly every night - and there is no way I'm going to transfer my little baby back and forth. Andrea: if you like to leave your home, I wouldn't recommend it. The cloths really shouldn't be taken to places where you're going to be for an hour or more because of the ha__sle and the smell. Also, while I do feel that cloth diapers have come a long way, they are still no where near as uncomplicated as disposables..and if you are a busy person, that will pose a problem. Disposable = wipe and toss. Cloth = take off, throw feces in toilet, wipe up, wrap up, wash. And oh yeah, finish changing the baby. No thanks! :)


Laura - October 20

Cloth diapers are much different now then they were 20..even 10 years ago. There are wonderful web sites that can get you started. But be careful, it can be addictive. Look at,,, Also try to discuss and then go to the diapering forum. I LOVE cloth diapering..I have with four children and wouldn't do anything else.Blessings to you


Mary - October 20

I LOVE using cloth diapers......


Jenn 2 - October 21

why would you switch when you leave the house I always used them top go visiting ect you bring a ziplock bag and put them in there till you get home I also use only baby cotton cloths for there bum none of this baby wipe stuff .



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