Thoughts On Cloth Diapers

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Jenn 2 - October 21

why would you switch when you leave the house I always used them top go visiting ect you bring a ziplock bag and put them in there till you get home I also use only baby cotton cloths for there bum none of this baby wipe stuff .


cb - October 21

I used cloth diapers with my son, and I sm now pregnant with twins, and plan to use them again, I love a baby in a cloth diaper, but I think this time round I will use disspoable during the night, and when we go out!! I never bought dissposable diapers for my son until he was about 6-8 months old!!! It doesnt take that much effort to wash them every morning, I found that thats what got me up and going everyday!!! Good luck with what ever you decided!! My advise is to try it before you knock it :))


kaye - October 21

I plan on using them. I think it's being enviromentally conscious. Imagine how many diapers end up in landfills from one baby. Diaper rash happens less often since they don't sit in the pee and poop so long. Potty training is much quicker. They don't like the feel of wet or poo so they want out faster than disposable where they can sit longer and not feel the wet. There are services which I intend to use that don't require the soaking and washing, like doing it yourself. Also using a liner you can flush also helps. As for shopping or leaving the house we plan on disposable for those times. Just our thoughts!!


Theresa - October 21

I read about this yesterday and brought the website that was shown to my fiance. We plan to use them whenever we decide to have children. Besides saving alot of money, they are eco friendly. We are deciding to use the liners aswell. !00% biodegratable and flushable. Question about washing though. Do you have to do them by theirselves or can you throw them in with other whites?


kaye - October 21

you can wash with other whites but I'd wash alone with more bleach, that I wouldn't use with my whites. Just feel like they get cleaner.


Andrea - October 21

well everyone thanks for your posts. I am still deciding, I have looked through a few of the web sites that you all have posted, thanks for them. I think that we may try them. We do like to go out a lot, and I am sure that we will be showing off our little bundle of joy to everyone, we have lots of family and friends. We will just have to wait and see how everything turns out.


No way! - October 21

Ugh! Not I! I think I would puke if I had to clean c___p off a diaper!! Plus you wiouldn't just want to wash one at a time,so you would have a collection of c___ppy diapers smelling up the house until you wash them!! No thank you!!


um - October 21

don't you have a collection of c___ppy diapers sitting around the house when you use disposable? Or do you run them outside to the trash after every change????



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