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Lin - November 23

I noticed that someone else started a thread asking when people got pregnant after stopping the pill. I just thought I'd start one for those of us in TTC mode after quitting the pill, so we can keep a running tab on how people do post-pill as well as do the 2ww together. I just stopped mine last month and had my last period on Oct 31st. I'm pretty sure I O-ed on the 18th, so I'm now 5 dpo. Has anyone else just come off the pill?


Me too - November 24

My last pill was Oct. 9th... my dr. wanted me to wait one cycle without trying so I could see if I could track my ovulation (which I think I did on Cycle Day 19)... got AF on Nov. 10th and am now actively TTC. I am thinking that between the 26-30 will be the money days for me... I'm looking forward to a BFP in the next few months. This next period will be the telltale though... see if I can get a regular period going, or if my cycle is going to be messed up. How long were you on the pill? I was on it for 8 years... my first period off was great... came only one day late and actually last only 5 days! Well, keep us posted! Cheers Kim


Lin - November 24

I've been on the pill this time around for three years, though I've been on it off and on for about 15. I've never had a problem going immediately back to a regular period after stopping it, but I've also never really kept track of exactly how long my cycle is. Well, good luck to you, too! You keep us posted as well. :)


Vicki - November 24

I just took my last pill today. Dead excited although a bit scary too as it seems so more real now. Me and dh are not going to actively ttc as such, we're just going to have fun and see what happens. Wish me luck and lots of baby dust for you guys.


Kate - November 24

I stopped taking the pill on 13th November. We know we're supposed to wait until after my first AF, for calculating dates etc. but we haven't. We're not taking it too seriously at the moment (no temperature measuring etc) but we're having fun, and when it happens it'll be great. Felt like I O'ed a couple of days ago (slight cramp one side) so expecting first AF in a couple of weeks. On a side note, I feel so much better of myself since coming off the pill - more energy, no headaches and generally feel happier. Babydust to all the post-pill girls. Kate.


Me too - Kim - November 24

I have felt so much better as well... I still get headaches but i think they are more stress related... but my s_x drive is WAY up... I found on BCP's that I was never really in the mood... but just one month off the pills and I find that I am much more interested and ready to go. Not too sure if it also has something to do with the fact that we are trying to make a baby? Anyways, lots of babydust to everyone here, and let's keep each other posted. Kim


Shannon - November 24

I just came off the pill in August 15th and by the 31st I was preggo! One cycle, one ovulation, one baby on the way!


Lin - November 24

Welcome, girls! And congratulations Shannon! May we all be as luck as you were. :) As I said, I stopped the pill on Oct. 31st, and I'm pretty sure that I ovulated on the 18th, based on the egg-white-like discharge. One very distinct thing I noticed was that I had a lot of cramping leading up to O-day that I've never had before. Then, immediately after I noticed the discharge, the pain went away. I know what you mean, Kim, about the s_x drive, and I think that the excitement of ttc is probably a big part of it. Hubby and I were quite active most of last month. ;)


Kim - November 24

Lin, I noticed the cramping for the first time as well... I guess because you don't ovulate while on the pill so it's like a whole new experience! I was like "Whoa, what's with the cramping?? AF isn't due for another week!" And then I clued in that it must be O time! hahahha Let's hope we are all as lucky as Shannon! Cheers


Vicki - November 25

It's really great to hear that you feel better and s_x drive goes back up once off the pill. Am now definately looking forward to next month!


Dawn - November 25

I have had such messed up cycles (If you can call them that) since being off the pill. Stopped taking them in early Aug. I have not had a pd. on my own since JULY!! I took Provera in September and that was my last period. I am now taking Prometrium (HATE IT) to induce my pd again. If no af by Jan then I will take Prometrium again and then start Clomid (I think) to induce ovulation. Hopefully that will work. DH keeps joking how my ovaries are messed up. I finally told MIL last night how I have to take the Prometrium and she was like..OH i got pregnant right away after stopping the pill...I wanted to scream!!! AND, I agree with the s_x-drive issue..I finally have one again!!!


me - November 25

what does af and bfp mean


Ashley - November 25

I was on the pill for a little over a year. I stopped taking the pill the 1st of October and I ovulated about the 26th. First month of ttc and BAM! I'm 6wks pregnant. Good Luck to you all.


to me - November 25

BFP means Big Fat Positive... always a good sign when TTC!


Lin - November 27

me - bfp is big fat positive and af is aunt flo (your period). Well, tomorrow will be 9 dpo, so I'm going to take a test first thing in the morning. Wish me luck!


kim - November 27

Good luck Lin... let us know! I'm crossing my fingers for a BFP for you! I'm still waiting to O... hopefully in the next day or two!


Lin - November 27

Well, unfortunately it was a bfn. I guess I can't expect too much in the first month anyway. Better luck next month...



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