Time Goes By So Slowly

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Lucky1 - January 13

I feel like I was 5 weeks forever!!! I just turned six weeks today and it seems like time is not going by fast enough. I can't wait until Feb. 1st. Thats my first u/c, but it seems so far away. It's hard for me to just forget about it b/c I'm so excited. This is my first pregnancy. How do you all manage? What do you do to make time seem to go by faster?


Tracey - January 13

Congrats on your pregnancy! This is my first pregnancy also (I'm 33 weeks) and the time does seem to go by so slowly. I just filled the time by reading pregnancy books, watching the baby shows and etc. I also make it a point to walk when I feel good enough. Any time I feel overly excited, I either start working on an early version of a baby book (ultrasound pics and dates and stuff) or I window shop for possible nursery choices and so on. I know it's hard but when you're as far along as I am, you look back and think that it's gone by so quickly. Good luck!


I - January 13

hey lucky, congrats on ur pregnancy. i just found out today by ultrasound that i am 6 weeks. so my due date is on sept. 3. so i guess we will just have to wait it out together!


Lucky1 - January 13

Did you get to hear the heartbeat? I can't wait to hear it.


I - January 13

during the ultrasound the heartbeat was present. it was amazing!! so small, but yet its a lil person. that made the reality set in for me. there is something in there!!


dez - January 13

Oh man girl I know your pain, you think its going by slow now wait until the last month, you'll be wanting to know every trick in the book to bring on labor, none of them worked for me, I ended up being two weeks overdue and had to be induced. Time does go so slow, and I never understood it when people would tell me enjoy it while you can because soon you wont be able to sleep or do what you want when you want. Now I fully understand after having my baby, I wanted to slap those people when they told me that, but I wish for just one night I could sleep in. Hang in there girl, and just relax, I know I know you probably want to slap me, but soon enough you'll know what I mean, lol.


Lucky1 - January 14

Thanks Dez, I actually appreciate the advice, and by the way your little girl is beautiful.


Dez - January 14

thank you lucky1, Good luck and keep us posted with how your pregnancy is going



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