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cstg - January 20

We conceived on october 7th, but the ultrasound says two weeks prior, why is this? June 30th is the due date and were 17 weeks, and that puts conception on the 23 of september, a 2 week difference. The problem is my girlfriend ended her last relationship around Oct 1st. She said that she was with him the weekend of the 23rd. which if you count back, 17 weeks falls on that day. and on Oct 7th we were together... So whos baby can that be? There is the 2 week difference.... I think it could be either... We dont know what to do but have a dna test... but we would like to know before the baby is born... because if its not mine the other guy should know....


punkyn - January 20

my due date is also june 30 2007 i conceived oct 6 this is wht the dr told me and my hubby!


DownbutnotOUT - January 20

They add the 2 weeks for some reason which I forget but usually september 23 would be when she had her period. than 2 weeks after she would ovulate and thats when conception would actually occur, so it is very safe to a__sume october 7 is when she actually got pregnant. I would safely a__sume you are the father if what your gf is telling you is true if she ended her relationship on october 4 and slept with her ex on the 4 it is possible HE could be the father. I would get a DNA test done when the baby is born even though it looks lioke your the father, so many variables could have happened like early ovulation etc etc.


alee123 - January 20

a due date is calculated from time of last period not time of conception..your conception date is right on schedule for a june 30th due date..i wouldnt worry too much about the paternity of this baby as long as she hasnt been with him since... Sperm can reach the egg in as little as 30 minutes. However sperm can live in your body for up to 3-5 days. Therefore conception could be up to 5 days after intercourse.


lunamoo - January 21

I have never heard a dr. giving a "conception date"....anyway, I a__sume you gf had an early u/s which if done by 13 weeks is said to only be plus or minus 3 days. When was the first day of her last period? Does she know for sure? If not, then it will be even more difficult to guess who the daddy is. You can have a DNA test done, but it is an invasive procedure, it requires a needle into the amniotic fluid. But if you really want to know, that is the ONLY 100% way, otherwise your guess is as good as anyone elses and that doesnt say much. Why do you say "we concieved Oct 7th". Do you mean to say, you had s_x the first time then?!?



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