Tips To Get Pregnant

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Nancy - September 15

I went of the pill a month ago. We tried to get pregnant this month but it didn't happen. I know it may take a while but I would like to know the best tips to get pregnant. Thanks!


Viv - September 15

Buy a Basal Body Temperature thermometer off the pregnancy counter at the drug store and use it every morning before you get up to chart your monthly temperature cycle. Once you have established where the jump occurs, start having good s_x when you anticipate the jump. An additional advantage is that when you actually do get pregnant, the temperature pattern will change as an early sign. Google Trying to Conceive to find boards and forums on this topic alone. Some say when trying to impregnate, use the missionary position and stay on your back with your legs up for ten minutes before getting up. I say, have your husband learn to feel for your cervix with his erection, maybe with a pillow under your hips. When he can find it reliably, ejaculate there. The day it goes soft and is hard to find is the day that coincides with the temperature change. Let him give it his all! Bon voyage!


dalesgirl - September 15

Start from the first day of your period. count 8 days and start having s_x every other day till the 16th day. The BBT method Viv explained works for some but not others. It won't work for me because my environment isn't constant. You can also go to the store and get an ovulation predictor kit. Keep in mind there is only a 25% chance of a healthy couple getting pregnant each month. Also, a woman is only fertile for 6 - 24 hours in a month. Sperm can live in a womans body for up to 5 days if conditions are right. Checking cervical mucus is another way of telling when you ovulate. Many women notice a clear, thicker, stretchy mucus that resemble egg whites during ovulation. Cervical position is also an idicator but not very reliable.


Penelope - September 15

Have fun!



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