Tips To Help Me Conceive

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Sherry - October 28

My husband and I are trying to conceive. I am sure I ovulated on Oct 11, but no period by Oct 28 so I took a preg test. It was negative. Any tips to help me conceive? I know how to track my CM and I did put a pillow under my hips for elevation. Anything else I can try? Also, is it possible to have the CM signs but not actually ovulate? Thanks.


Jenn - October 29

I used robitussin dm after triyng for 6 months and bang right away


Jamie - October 29

There is something you can get over the counter to see if you are conceiving. I don't know the name but you spit on it. If the lines are wavy you are ovulating. Its at Walmart and major retail stores for about 20.00. I also found this website. You could always do the old wives put your husbands pants on the bed post...I always loved that one. I actually got a fertility statue from Hawaii. You put it by your bed and it suppose to get you pregnant. I don't know what magical powers it has but I was at the point of trying anything!


N - October 29

Get drunk! LOL, just kidding. Actually, I heard doing it every other day really boosts your chances (the idea being that sperm can live 2 or 3 days inside the female body under the right conditions, but every other day allows his sperm count to be higher when he does ejaculate.. don't let him m_________e though.. so you should technically always have live sperm inside you waiting for an egg) I know of a few ovulation kits that you pee on I didn't know there were one's you could spit on.. that would be WAY easier to do. Good luck Sherry, if you haven't had your period by halloween, take another test, who knows right?


kirsty - October 30

Yeah i have a good tip for you..........After you have s_x i know it sounds a bit grouse but lay on your back with your legs in the air and stay like that for 5 mins.. keeps all the seamon in there!!! i got pregnant very quickly using that method!!!


^) - October 30

they best way is when its time its time no tricks just timing and if you rely on when you ovelate well its not always the 14 days thats just an adverage just have s_x and have fun it will happen if you are fertile i was going to a fertilty clinic cause I was trying for a year timeing temp ect and then did some test and charting on my peroid symptions and ultralsounds to see when I was ovulating and found 1 month was 10 day another was 16 days and another was 20 days so you never really now so I just had s_x when we felt like it not when we thought we should and bang right away so dont away so dont stress it it will happen less stress better off u will be good luck baby Dust



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