Tired And Drained

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Hayls - January 16

This is my second pregnancy, I am 32 weeks along. I have an 18 month old toddler who at the moment is causing me a lot of stress. He won't go to sleep at night and every night I am having to drive him out in the car just to settle him down and get him off to sleep. Eventually he goes to sleep at about 9.30pm. However, he then has starting waking in the night as well and refuses to go back to bed. I'm not the best sleeper in the world anyway but I'm finding myself getting up at all hours in the night, not just to go to the toilet but to check on him and settle him back to sleep again. I don't have any time to get rest in the day and I just feel so drained I think it's even affecting my breathing. I'm worried about how my severe lack of sleep may affect my unborn baby. Can anyone else relate to this?


jen327 - January 16

HI, I am sure your baby will be ok with a lack of sleep but you might get sick if you keep pushing yourself. But you need to get sleep! Can you ask a family member to come watch your child for a few hours a day so you can nap. Are you married? Maybe your DH can take over when he get's home so you can take a few hours nap. We have a 11 year old but he has so many activites and hours of homework, so when we get home my DH does his homework with him and starts dinner, I go right up to bed and sleep for an hour or two, then come down for dinner at 7 and do the dishes and such then. Sleep in really important to your mental health too. My friend has a child that is this age, and she finally did the in the bed at bed time and he has to fall asleep. Each time he gets up they just put in back in bed and walk away, he screams and fights and kicks, and the first night it took 3 hours to get him to go to sleep. Second night 2 Fifth night 20 mins and by a week he went right to sleep. He stopped waking up as much too because he learned how to put himself to sleep. Now is probably the best time to do this because otherwise you are going to have a newborn and a toddler that won't sleep.


lunamoo - January 17

I felt like I was reading my story while I was reading your post! I am 30 weeks and have a 22 month old. I am so exhausted as well, actually I have been so most of this pregnancy. I wake up so much at night to pee, roll over, appease my daughter kick my husband for heavy breathing etc. I have moments in the day I feel like I have no blood in my body and I simply can not move. Yesterday I had one such experience, today I have been okay. It is important to find the time to rest, nap etc, but your schedule sounds difficult. Are you working? If so, will/can you stop soon? Fortunately my last day of work is Feb 8th. Anyway, I have also been measuring small throughout this pregnancy, wonder if that is related to my total fatigue. A few weeks back, I was feeling better and had time to nap etc. and I swear my belly grew : )



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