Tired And Sick Of It

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CAT - July 9

I feel tired all the time Im only 9 weeks, (this is my second) and I have totaly caught the lazy bug, I drag until 7-8 at night. Whats the deal?? is the anything I can do to get my old self back??? Is this normal???


jb - July 9

This is my first and I am also 9 weeks. The exhaustion is killing me. I work so I drag all day at the office. And for my job I am in and out of the office and the field. Im right there with you. It is killing me!!! I guess the only thing we can to is try to get a full 8 hours of sleep everynight. I heard in the second trimester you get some of your energy back.


RayRay - July 9

I felt the same way you did. Dragging a__s all day, going to bed around 8. If you take your vitamins everyday, they do help, they make you more energetic. But stick it out, I promise it will get better! Soon you won't even be able to sleep. My bed sucks right now, lol, I can't stand it, I can never get comfortable. I wish I was dragging a__s again!


glendy - July 9

yeah..i went through the same thing during the first few months...it's completely normal. I started feeling more like me during the second trimester and now that i'm heading into the third, I'm starting to feel really tired again. It's horrible though, because as said above finding comfort for sleep is nearly impossible. anyway, i guess everyone is different. Just keep taking your vitamins and eat as healthy as you can....it really does help a lot.


Jen - July 9

I was a zombie through my whole first trimester. Then I was waiting...and waiting for my energy to come back in my 2nd but let me tell you I didn't get any back till 2 weeks ago im 23 weeks now. Hang in there it will come back eventually.


CAT - July 10

This is my second child, I didnt feel like this with the first one, he is three years old now...but everything is so different from me being sick all the time to pimples!!!! Whis this one so different? could it be my age, Im 27 years old. Has anyone else been threw this before?


nelly - July 10

Hi Cat~ The same thing with me this is my second and I am 38 weeks now though but for the first trimester I was so drained and physically exhausted that I could barely get up in the mornings after having 8-9 hours sleep sometimes even 10-11 hours sleep and I would lay on the couch to watch tv and be asleep in 15 minutes. I never did this with my first pregnancy either. I had a horrible 1st trimester and it faded when I entered the middle of my 2nd trimester and now that Im in my 3rd its all back I just want ot sleep I a have daughter who will be 5 July 22nd and I will be induced July 25th with another little girl. Heres to hoping that everything gets better!!!


CAT - July 10

Thanks for all of your replys, this site has been such a great help and support!!! Thank you Ladies!!!!!! *Hugs*



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