Tired Of Hiding My Skin From My Boyfriend

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Preggy Meggy - June 15

Wow, I don't feel all alone anymore! I'm so glad i found this site!! Thanks KLT. I have always been interested in that Proactive stuff but I have also been too embarrassed to say anything to anyone about it. I would also use it on my back because that is a problem area too! SOOO embarrassing....but is it safe to use now? I'm also curious how much that stuff would cost me...I'm in Saskatchewan Canada by the way.


KLT - June 15

You can use it anywhere...I started breaking out on my back - more so at the beginning - of this pregnancy. Now its not as bad. Don't be embarra__sed....I know thats easy to say though. :-P Hmm...dunno how much it would cost you as i'm in Virginia. I can't imagine it would cost you anymore than it did me. Here's a link to their site: http://www.proactive.com Ok...I just checked the site and there is a link for Canadian users..and it looks like its the same cost. You only need the 3 step system which includes this scrubby wash stuff - which i use in the shower and on my face, this toner type stuff (light bluish looking stuff) and this benzol peroxide (sp?) stuff..which you use at the end...and i generally only use at nite and sometimes spot treat in the mornings depending on how bad things are. Email me if you want/need: [email protected]


LillyBell - June 15

You could check on ebay also! And be careful, only use it with white face clothes/towels, as the peroxide in it will ruin colored ones.


Mommy_Erin23 - June 15

You can also find it at As Seen On TV stores in some malls.


ma2aiden - June 15

not sure what stores you have in canada - but i know that you can get the knock off brand - proactin?? at walmart or maybe walmart.com - my sister used that for the longest time and SWORE by it - supposedly its much cheaper too!


NURSEJ - June 22

i personally tried proactive and it did not work for me, it made my acne on my face worse. it cost about $50.00 a month american dollars. it think it is a waste of money.


AshleyB - June 22

I've read that you shouldn't use acne medications that contain salycilic acid during pregnancy. So you may want to check just to be sure it doesn't contain that. They say the benzoyl peroxide is ok though.


KLT - June 22

Proactive has benzoyl peroxide...



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