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ttc - March 3

How far apart are your babies. I have one and i am trying to concieve another. My baby is going to be 5 soon. They grow so fast i miss the snuggles and the smell and the coos and all the everything... Sorry i am getting mushy.. Babies do that to Just wondering how they do when they are spread out like that. My son want's a sibling.... BAD!!!!!


rose - March 3

my daughter is six and a half and my son will be turning four next week.....they were very close in age...i am ttc again and i feel that gap widening too!!! my daughter and son are best friends and i feel that the new baby will be a little lonelier...i just hope it dosnt take years to conceive!!!!! many of my friends are having babies now so every where i go im holding one and i too miss that snuggly, soft, age.....good luck* * * *baby dust* * * *


moe - March 3

I have a 4 yr old and a 6 mo old and I personally htink they are too far apart but I think they will be close, the 4 yr old helps out a lot and he knows he is the big brother.. but it also good that they are far apart in age cause I only have to change one set of diapers and the older one is potty trained but my next preg they will be closer in age....


ttc - March 3

I am kind of scared of that. The age diffrence. They will not be into doing the same things and i hope i will be able to divide my time. I have a VERY ACTIVE almost 5 year old. If i can concieve.....again. I worry about my age also i am 32.... But still feel


moe - March 3

yeah but they can still do stuff together and he can help you out with the baby in every way to make him feel special!! And when they get older they can do a lot of stuff together.... Everything happens for a reason...


rose - March 3

i just want to add that my oldest sister is 10 years older than me and although i barely remember her being there when i was young we became very close when i turned 14 and she is one of my best age dosnt make a difference in the long run


ttc - March 3

Wow 10 years that gives me hope. Thanks moe and rose for your kind answers.


Rachel* - March 3

My sister is 11 years younger than me and my brother is 13 years younger. They get along better with me than they do with eachother. I have always been there for them and they know they can ask me or tell me anything. They look up to me and sometimes choose to talk to me about things they wouldn't want to talk to my parents about. They know that I will give them straight-forward advice. I was able to help my mom a lot with babysitting. In fact, that's how I earned money. The only thing is that it can be easy for parents to get wrapped up with the events of early childhood when a teenager needs a different kind of attention. The parents need to be aware of this and not exclude the older child.


tiffani - March 3

I have a daughter who will be 3 in May, a son who turned 1 this past December, and found out yesterday baby#3 is on the way & due around Oct/ Nov. I think your son will be such a great help when the new baby arrives. Good luck ttc! :o)


momof3 - March 3

I'm 23 and I have a 6 year old son (he turns 7 on March 17th) a 3 year old Daughter and a 2 year old Daughter. I love them too peices.. The two younger ones are always together. One will be taken a nap and the other one will sit on the floor looking so sad. But the two girls do fight none stop too. The one thing that does get on my nerves is everyone always asks if there twins! I get that about 100 times a day.


happy sis - March 3

well in my family there is 6 sibilings(including me) from 14 to 29, I am in the middle so I have sibilings for advice, playing, joking, getting me out of troubles, everything. Its very cool! I don't think it really matters brothers ans sisters are always helpful in one way or the other. Good Luck!


chelle - March 3

My son is 8, my daughter is 5 and Im pregnant. I think it is easier to have them somewhat spread out because as soon as you next is big enought to play too, you will get a break because they are able to entertain each other. Not only that but older siblings are also the best teachers. Who do children listen to the most... Other children.


rose - March 3

tiffani--congratulations!!! i saw that you got a faint positive the other day....did you retest yesterday!!! i am very happy for you!!!


ttc - March 3

I totally love this site. You guys are the greatest.... I am hoping to concieve this month That should put me in Dec. Not sure about that, We get pretty bad snow here.. Don't want to give birth at home in a


Liz - March 3

My daughter is 7 and we are debating whether to have another at this point. You have to do what works for you. I know some failies with children close together that don't get along at all. Some people want no children some want 5 kids. You have to think about what works for you. That's what makes out world so great!!! Great luck and much *dust.


Leahp - March 3

hello! I wouldn't worry about it too much! age is just a number! It's amazing to watch different families and their siblings, it always seems that the siblings you thought would be far apart are close, it's all about connection and what their interests are, I'm 26 and have two brothers 33 and 36 and I love them both dearly but I have more in common with my 36 year old brother, but can giggle forever with my 33 yr. old bro!! You just never know, all that you can bet is that they'll have eachother when they're older in good times and bad, because family is truly where the heart is!!!


~m~ - March 3

My oldest had just turned 5 when my youngest was born, and let me tell you, he was such a HUGE help! Still is a help! And they play together just like they were the same age. Don't get me wrong, little brother sometimes gets on big brother's nerves. But for the most part, they get along great, and my oldest is such a help. We are ttc again, so there will be 7 + years between my oldest and the one I am ttc. My sis is 17 years younger than me and we have always got along great. I don't think age has much to do with how well siblings get along. There may be a difference in interests, but that's ok. If you have the baby fever, and your man is on board, go for it honey! Good luck!



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