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tara - March 14

Hi CEM - The other thread was getting too long and I almost missed your post, so I though to start a new one so we can keep in touch a bit easier this way. I know what you mean by being emotional and the need to be close to family. My family lives across the bridge so their not that far away, but I have to see them quiet often. My husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting to be there so often; he just doesn't understand it. He was never that close to his family so I think that's part of it. I'm happy for you that your mom is coming to visit you - that is great! Hopefully you can convince her to come back for the birth of your baby as well. It's been really nice in the last week here. I can't believe it's snowing there a week before spring! This week-end was sunny and warm; I was out with a t-shirt most of the time. A week left before spring is here and I'm so excited, it’s my favorite time of the year when everything is new and blooming. How far along are you again? And how have you been feeling with this pregnancy? I have been telling people that I think I have had it easy so far because everything has just been great, but this morning I woke up with a nasty headache and just feeling really down…so I think I have jinxed my self :o( oh, I have a weird question for you …do you know what the story is about Danish people giving a pepper mill as a present when someone turns 30? I think they have to be single to get it…but I’m not sure.


CEM - March 15

Hi tara! Good idea about starting a new thread, the other one was getting hard to follow. Plus, i kind of felt bad talking about myself on someone else's thread!.....By the way, my name is Ca__sandra. I have a really long name and decided to shorten it down instead. I hated it when i was younger so always said when i had kids one day they would all have really short names, and they do. No middle names either. I asked my husband about the pepper thing today, it's funny you ask now because it's actually his 30th birthday today! Weird! He said it's when a guy hits 30 and is still not married people he knows will do all sorts of crazy things like put a life-sized paper mache pepper mill in front of his door or on his front lawn, give him pepper as a present, mail him pepper, even throw it at him on his birthday so he has a major sneeze attack! Sweet, eh? My husband said it's to remind him to swing into action, and start settling down. I guess the degree of peppering depends on the kind of people you know, but i can imagine it could get pretty nasty!!!! I was so jealous to read how nice it is over there, i totally miss Vancouver weather. Just the climate in general is so much nicer, warmer, and more pleasant. It is normal for it to be snowing this time of year here, in fact it's not even guaranteed that spring and summer will be very warm. There's a saying that Denmark has only 2 seasons, a white winter and a green winter! Don't get me wrong, it can also get really gorgeous and warm too, it's just that it's not a given like it is in Vancouver. We're too high up, and surrounded by water. Spring is also my favourite time of year, when everything is blooming, and coming to life again. All the colours, sounds, smells, it's all so needed and welcomed after a long winter.....My pregnancy has been going pretty good so far. My first was extremely difficult and a major eye-opener in many ways (panic attacks, anxiety, dealing with past stuff, etc...). My second was a breeze in comparison and i can actually say i enjoyed it, which is how it should be, but unfortunately isn't always. So in comparison to the first two, this one is just as good as the second, but it's totally different in the way that i don't really have much time to focus on me and my belly the way i would like to, sometimes a whole day can go by where i don't even realize i'm pregnant! I'm too busy running after the other two! I try to remember to stroke my belly once in a while and say hi to the little one, but it's not like the first time where that's all i did, the pregnancy was all i thought about and it was almost all-consuming. I wish sometimes it could be that way, but duty calls! I'm 24 weeks as of yesterday, so things are going fast now. I'm also extremely big, i think, so it's getting harder and harder to get around and do the things i want to. My hubby is not a small man, 6'9", 240lbs, and my boys were 9lbs.13oz. and 9lbs.5oz. at birth (yes, both v____ally - YIKES, i know!!), so i'm a__suming this one will also be on the large side. It's kicking as i write this, maybe in agreement!???? How far along are you, anyway. Is this number one? Are you showing yet? I'm sorry to hear you felt down when you got up, being pregnant can really mess with your emotions don't you think? Hopefully you found something that cheered you up again.....One good thing at least is that even though it's really easy to get down, it usually works the other way too, in that you can come back up again quite easily if you do something you enjoy or just wait a while. I guess that's what the whole mood-swing thing is about. At least you've got your family close by to pick on, that's a major plus. We just moved out to the country as well, so i feel quite isolated sometimes. We have lots of family and friends, but we're so far out that they don't drop by too often, so sometimes a week goes by without seeing anyone. And that can be hard. I would do anything to be able to see my friends and family right now. That's another reason why i'm so happy about this site, and having met you! Take care of yourself until we talk again. Ca__sandra.


CEM - March 15

Oh my goodness, i just saw how long my post was! I guess i got carried away, it's just hard to see how much you've written when you're typing into this little square! You don't see the rest of it! Oh well...........


tara - March 15

Hi! I don't mind the long post at all. I come into work in the morning and because I'm the first one in I take my time reading everything…so this is very nice – I was reading and having my morning raspberry leaf tea (doesn’t taste very good but apparently it’s good for pregnancy). I’m glad I met you on here too; internet sure makes the world a smaller place. I think it’s awesome to have sites like this where people can meet and chat :o) Where about in Denmark do you live in? I’ve always dreamed of a quiet life in the country, but my husband is too much of a city man and to be honest I have grown accustomed to the city life as well. Just before I got pregnant we were thinking of giving up our car because we can pretty much walk everywhere right now. Both our jobs are 15 minute walks from where we live, so we though we can just rent a car for the weekends and we’d still be saving a ton of money every year – but with the baby coming we will need a car for sure. Do you speak full Danish? We have a few Danish guys here and are always talking in Danish, I have tried to learn a few simple words but it is so hard to pronounce so I gave up. You are just a few weeks ahead of me. I will be 20 weeks tomorrow and will be going in for an ultrasound. My due date is Aug 08, and I’m hoping they can confirm it. I’m so excited to see the baby through u/s, hear the heart beat, and I hope s/he is awake and moving …that will be so exciting to see. This is our first; well I had a miscarriage in Oct 04, but this one, thankfully has been going great so far (knock on wood). Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and felt a tiny little poke from the inside which I think was the baby. I was so excited about it for the rest of the evening, but when I got home I was having these pulling sensations that really hurt but I think was the uterus stretching (I hope that’s all it was). I can’t wait for the baby moves to be obvious. I’m definitely showing now but it’s still at that weird stage where if someone doesn’t know I’m pregnant will think I have gained weight. I’ve always liked pregnant women and big bellies, so hopefully in a month or so I can show it off. :o) You are one brave woman to be giving birth to two 9 pound babies. I’m so scared of labor right now and I have been reading up on this, asking questions just to prepare myself; although I know you never know what to expect. The more I read and hear about it the more I think a c-section is the way to go, but that’s not something I can request. Were your boys born in Vancouver or Denmark? By the way, I hope your husband had a good birthday. My husband turned 34 earlier this month and I’ll be 27 end of April. I have always wanted to have 4 kids before I was 30 but I realized that there is so much to learn in life that is important in order to help grow as a person…then there is the careers that also got in the way. But we are finally here and ready to start a family. This is going to be an interesting year for us.


CEM - March 16

Hi! Good morning say you're the first at work, what do you do anyway? I've been a stay-at-home mom since my first child, pretty much. By the way, my oldest is Rik who just turned 4, and my little one is Gus who just turned 2. They're adorable, if i do say so myself!!! They were both planned, but this one was a complete surprise. My husband and i sort of thought we were done, but someone else had other plans! I myself am 31, and will be 32 in June. God, it sound soooo old!! I did rob the cradle with my hubby, i'm almost 2 years older than him.. Both of the boys were born in Van, at BC Women's Hospital to be exact. We moved here when Gus was 3 months old. Where are you going to give birth? I don't know if you can pick yourself, but i highly recommend BC Women's. They were absolutely amazing. I'm so with you on the c-section thing, if i could choose myself i would opt for it too. I really don't see the big deal with giving birth the other way (i won't say natural because i think it all is), i think it's overrated. As far as i'm concerned, as long as you get a healthy baby in the end that's all that matters. Don't get me wrong, i consider myself blessed to have experienced the act of labour, but to me it's not nearly as amazing as holding your child for the first time ever! Most women even say when they first put that little baby in your arms, everything else is forgotten and it's true! Your first ultrasound tomorrow, how exciting! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get to see something. How come you don't want to find out the s_x? I wish they would tell me. I wish i could help you with that painful stretching you've been having in your uterus, but that's never happened to me before. I've never once felt a Braxton-Hicks contraction, i'm ashamed to say. I have no idea what one feels like. But what you described does sound like your uterus stretching. If you're 20 weeks, the baby is also starting to grow very quickly now too which would result in your uterus having to keep up....I speak enough Danish to get by, it's not perfect by any means, but i usually don't have much of a problem. You're right, though, it is extremely hard to pronounce many things, in fact i find it easier to speak Danish with my mouth full. Seriously! Because they mumble a lot and it sounds like most of the talking goes on in the throat instead of the mouth. It's an odd language. Been compared to Chinese in terms of difficulty. So i'm quite proud of myself! We live just outside of Århus, which is the second biggest city next to Copenhagen. We're in a really small town about a 45 minute drive from Århus, which is nice, but if i don't get into town once a week i go a little stir crazy! I'm also a city girl. But it's worth it where we are because we own for less than it would cost to rent, and we have an amazing back yard for the boys to run around in. Very important when you've got a child/children. Plus, we can drive into town in under an hour so it suits us just fine. I'm so annoyed, i just found out i missed the last 2 ever episodes of Friends last night! What a downer! I love that show. Are you also finding yourself kind of airheaded lately? I can't seem to remember anything. By the way, where did you grow up? Go to high school? I went to University Hill, on the West Side but grew up in East Van, mainly. Good luck tomorrow with the ultrasound, let me know how it goes.


tara - March 16

Hi! I just got back from the ultrasound and so far it has been the best experience EVER! It was so amazing to see this little body inside of me. The baby was sleeping I think because there was very little movement - but the movements that we did see, however small, brought a tear to my eye and Kent kept saying holly sh*t, holly sh*t so many times that the technician was giving him dirty looks to make him stop. We got some pictures but because the baby's back was facing up she couldn't get a front profile, just the back. And what we saw of the face looks like a little alien so far.. lol...still so cute and adorable. I wish I could go back soon and see some more of my baby. But they only do one u/s here now a days unless there are problems. I'm going to St. Paul's for deliver - that’s where my Dr delivers. And the few people I have met have all been really happy with the hospital. Because my Dr. doesn't deliver at BC Woman’s (that was my first choice) the only way I can get in is if I have problems with this pregnancy - otherwise they don't accept any more. I grew up in North Van and went to Handsworth...hated high school and was glad to be out of there. Then I went into interior design and when I met my husband and moved in with him I decided to stop school for a while until he was out of law school...but i didn't go back because I was working here by then, and it’s a fairly good company. I was in finance for a while and my boss suggested that I take some courses which I did, but when finance moved to Michigan US, I started doing project administration work which is my current position here. The company sells ERP solutions, financial software, to other businesses. You or your husband might have heard of Navision and Axapta – these are both Danish financial solution products that we sell; however Microsoft bought them out a couple of years ago and started a line called Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) selling these lines around the world - we are basically a reseller and my job schedule our consultants and developers on various projects. It’s an easy job and I need more of a challenge to keep me going. But I have 5 months left before my Mat. leave so I don't know if they are willing to give me more responsibilities. I'm going to talk to my boss about it next week when she is here; she works out of Toronto, and that's why I have to be here at 7:30 in the morning is so that if she has anything for me she can talk to me earlier rather than later. I'd love to be a stay at home mom for a few years and just have babies, but financially its not possible just yet. My husband is a 3rd year call lawyer, so he is still not making enough money for me to stay at home :o( . He is good at what he does, but the firm he is at only pays well to the partners and he won't be one for quiet a few years to come. And living in the city is more expensive. For what we paid for our 1200sq ft apartment here we could have bought a house in the burbs. Maybe when the baby comes it'll be easier to convince him to move. oh, I have posted some photos of myself and Kent on this web site. There are also some pregnancy pictures of me at 19 weeks on there. Take out at dashes - that might appear. I loved the show Friends as well, and was very sad when it ended. BTW, do you guys get Desperate Housewives there yet? It is in its first season and it’s very funny in a dramatic way. Kind of like S_x & the City but in the suburbia instead of a big busy city. Well, I’m off work now and heading home…so I will talk to you tomorrow :o) Take care.


CEM - March 18

Hi! Sorry it took me so long to respond - i was dead tired last night, i just vegged in front of the tv and then went to bed. Sometimes at the end of a long day i'm soooo unbelievably tired. I'm so happy to hear that you had your ultrasound done and the baby was healthy! That's such wonderful news and a big relief for you i'm sure. It's too bad that s/he wasn't more lively so you could see some more movement. Did you get any good pictures? By the way, i saw the ones of you and Kent yesterday. You're so pretty! Funny though, it's not how i pictured you. That didn't sound good, i don't mean i thought you were ugly, i just mean i pictured you as being fair for some reason. Isn't it strange how you get an image in your head and that's just the way it is?! Do you think you're going to move when the baby comes? I think you're so lucky to live in Yaletown, i just love it there. There's also some really nice places to shop if you've got the money to spare. My husband and i used to shop at this really nice supermarket down there, i can't remember the name anymore. But it was really nice, huge, and had a great selection of stuff, also things you can't find anywhere else. It also had a cheese shop, butcher, and a restaurant inside! I keep thinking Choices or Capers but it wasn't them. But i think the name did start with a C. My husband is studying to be a baker right now, and started out wanting to be a chef, but changed his mind. So we're both totally into food and eating! We spend most of our time trying to figure out what's on the menu! I myself like to cook as well, but i make more comfort type food, the kind of stuff your mom would make, whereas Sune is more into experimenting, making whacky (but delicious) concoctions, and using odd delicacies from strange parts of the world, artisan creations really. He also makes all his own bread and baked goods too, so i'm pretty lucky. That show you talked about, Desperate Housewives, just started here the other day but i haven't seen it yet. I thought it was a movie at first, but now that you mention it i'll check it out. Can you believe i haven't been to see a doctor yet? I went for my ultrasound at 12 weeks and since that was normal, they have basically ignored me ever since. That's another reason why i wish i was at home right now. Things are so different here. I go to see a MIDWIFE on the 4th og April (at about 6 1/2 months) and that will be my first and last visit with a health care professional. Isn't that weird? Sune's cousin is a doctor and she says it's to use the time and resources on more high risk pregnancies (which is fair enough), but i miss the whole intimate contact you get with your doctor who usually delivers your baby too. My doctor was great, and was with me during the first 2 pregnancies and i find that really gives one a sense of security, which is very comforting. That's just me.....The boys are restless, so we're going to play in the back yard now. Congratulations on your beautiful little bundle once again. I'm so happy for you. Are you going to put an u/s picture up any time soon? Ca__sandra.


tara - March 18

Good morning Ca__sandra! It's morning for me...but by the time you read this I don't know what time it will be there. :o) Is the supermarket you are referring to Urban Fair? I think it might be because this Urban Fair has the cheese shop, butcher, bakery…and more. I love shopping there and always shop from there when we have gussets over. I too like to cook and try out new recipes all the time; except with this pregnancy I can’t stand to look at what I have made and so I haven’t cooked all that much in the past few months. Kent can only make steaks and lobster so we tend to eat out most of the time right now. I’m getting sick of restaurant food. I do go to my mom’s housed for dinner at least once a week for variety. My family is Persian and my mom makes great Persian food, which I can’t make for the life of me. Kent is Canadian and only likes Persian food once in a while and that’s why I have only tried making it myself a couple of times. The Perisan New Year is on Sunday (first day of spring) and I can’t wait to try all the yummy bakings my mom has been working on all week. You are sooooo lucky that he bakes! I love baking and breads…I could live on good bread and water. How much further does your husband have to study for? Maybe I’ll get to see you guys on the food network sometime! I watch that channel all the time to get new ideas…don’t get me wrong I’m no chef, just like to make new recipes that are simple. About moving when the baby is here we haven’t really decided on what to do yet. I work in Yaletown and live right on the border of Yaletown and downtown by Tinseltown and GM place; Kent works right down town on Georgia and Therlow so we are both walking distance from work and basically anywhere else we need to go. We have a really good location right now (there is a school being built and 3 more residential buildings in the area), and we have been talking about selling and moving but it’s just been talks so far. I think we will be okay here until the baby is about a year old. I keep dreaming of a house, but the housing market is so high right now that no matter how good we sell the apartment we’d have to put even more down for a decent house…so it’s hard to decide on what to do. It’s so cool that I can describe to you where I’m because you know the area, but in a few years when all these building have gone up and the Olympic Village has been built I don’t know if you will recognize downtown any more. I’ll have to send you some Vancouver skyline pictures…I’ll take some shots when there is a nice sunrise in the morning and some at night and send them off to you some how. I can’t believe that you don’t get to see a Dr. over there! I would have thought they have a really good system over there. At least you have had two pregnancies and kind of know what to expect but what if it was your first and you needed to get answers …I know I had a lot of questions experiencing being pregnant for the first time, there is literally something new every week that comes up. I have been googling a lot on most of my questions but it’s good to be able to go over them with a Dr. once a month. I guess I’m just so used to the way things are here, it’s the only way I know and anything else is weird to me; I don’t even think the US has a good health care system considering the resources they have. Well, I have to go back to work. You have a great day and take care of your self and the little baby! :o) Talk to you soon.


CEM - March 21

Hi tara! Hope you had a nice weekend. We did...were quite busy for a change but it was nice in a way. On Saturday we went to see Sune's cousin who is due any day now. She's getting very restless for the big day to arrive, so was glad we were there to distract her a bit. They also have an 18 month old girl, so their kids are close in age too. I thought you looked Italian or something in your photos, but Persian fits too! I'm actually sort of ignorant as to where Persia is, is it modern-day Iraq or Iran, or what? I think it's very cool anyway, I think Middle Eastern culture and people are very interesting. There are a lot of Middle Eastern immigrants in Denmark, but they are unfortunately not very eagerly accepted by all. Danish society in general tends to be a bit uneasy when it comes to foreigners. I myself am half Chinese, half Caucasian, but just look like a dark white person (i think!), and am sometimes confronted by ignorant looks and comments. It's usually when i'm out with the boys (mostly Rik), who looks VERY Danish and people think i'm the nanny, or just stand and stare if they see me disciplining him (as if to say how dare that babysitter do that!). It's really annoying. One time a lady even said if i didn't stop she was going to call his parents and the police! All i was doing was telling him not to run into a busy road, to top it all off! I said i was his mom, but she didn't believe me. So it can be kind of frustrating. Were you born in Canada or Persia? What is Persian food like anyway? So i guess it must be New Year now? If so, Happy New Year! It's about 5 pm now and it's so gorgeous and sunny out, we've been in the back yard all day. Sune just got home from work, so i thought i'd drop you a quick line before i started dinner. I swear my stomach has grown since we spoke last, and i can really feel the baby much better now. I can feel the pressure of the head on my pelvic bone, little fingers tickling me, and what feels like feet almost permanently lodged underneath my ribcage on the right side. The last part isn't fun, let me tell you. People keep saying it looks like a boy, but i really hope it's a girl! How are you feeling these days? Is your uterus still sore? You didn't seem to get much help on your question i noticed. I've asked a couple too, but didn't get any responses, so have sort of given up.......I better get downstairs and get dinner going for my 3 (maybe 4?!"#%&€) men! Take care and talk to you soon. Ca__sandra.


tara - March 21

Hello there! I had a busy weekend as well with family and gatherings for the New Year and everything! It was great, but I was so tiered last night when I got home that went to be at 9pm and I was still too tired for work this morning. I’m from Iran – born there and raised here. I can imagine how hard it must be for you at times to deal with people staring at you but that’s just them not knowing any better. I think Vancouver must be one of the most mixed culture cities in the world. You and your kids must be gorgeous just thinking of the mix they are. I have a friend who is half Chinese and half Caucasian and her son’s other half is English and Italian. That kid gets compliments everywhere he goes! I have also grown in size quiet a bit – it seems like every couple of days I grow a couple of inches or so and I can only feel the baby when I’m lying on my back very still. Other than that I have felts little tickles once or twice. I’m really looking forward to being able to feel movements a bit better. :o) I posted my question in the 2nd trimester section and got some responses there. So try that section that might be better. Well, I better get back to work since my boss is coming in tomorrow morning from Toronto and there is a bunch of stuff I have to get ready for her. I’, always nervous when she’s coming because I don’t get too see her to often. Have a great night and I’ll chat with you tomorrow! :o)


CEM - March 23

Hi tara. Just thought i'd try and drop you a quick line while i have a second. The boys are plopped in front of a video, so let's see how long it lasts. I feel kind of bad, but it's the only chance i get during the day to do something for myself. Everyone else here just sticks their kids in daycare, so i guess i'm not all that bad! Yes, i think my boys are sweet, but i'm probably kind of biased. Rik does not look Asian at all, he's fair with blonde hair and blue eyes and complete Caucasian features, whereas Gus looks a bit more Asian than me even. When he was born he looked like a little Chinese baby, but has since then lightened up a lot. He's fair too, with light hair and skin, but has black eyes (with almost no pupil- it's weird actually, but cute, he looks like a seal or something), that are slightly slanted. I don't even have slanted eyes, so it's neat! But even still, they still look a lot like each other believe it or not. Yes, i think the place i was describing to you is called Urban Fair. I love that place! It's got everything you need all under one roof. A bit on the pricy side, but quality costs. I laughed when you said maybe you'll see me on the food channel one day! I'm certainly not that much of an enthusiast, i just enjoy eating good food really. Sune, on the other hand, is a bit more obsessed! He doesn't even like it when i take the kids to McDonald's, which is by no means often. He likes everything to be homemade, i'm glad at least he does it himself. He's go about two years left of his study, and then he'll be an official baker. So that's pretty exciting. We think we'll eventually move back to Canada and maybe open up something of our own there. But it'll still be a while. We also have way more family and support here, so that's also something we need to take into consideration. Sune's mom and dad both died of cancer recently, well that's sort of why we came back so fast, but he's still got all his grandparents and tons of aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. who have all been very supportive of us. I don't have that big of a family, and we're not especially close. Family, we have discovered, means a lot when you have small children. It's nice to know there's always someone there to lend a hand. How old were you when you moved to Canada anyway? Can you speak Persian? I had a boss a long time ago who was also Iranian and when he spoke the language i thought it sounded so nice. People say French is the language of love, but i totally disagree. I think Italian is much nicer, and Persian is also beautiful. It's very soft and melodious, from what i can remember. Not harsh or abrasive like French. So, do you want a boy or a girl? Or do you even have a preference? Some don't. Can you still wear you regular clothes, or are they too small? I used to get some really nice maternity clothes at this place called Thyme on Robson (in the same block as the Cactus Club, across from Milestones, if things haven't changed that is....). They've got some really nice, stylish stuff, not too pricey. Sometimes maternity stuff can be really big and flowery, like when you're pregnant you want to look bigger than you already are! Or wear something you would otherwise never dream of! Funny......You're right about Vancouver changing alot. Even before i left, things were getting put up and torn down at the drop of a hat. I hope i can still recognize something when i come back. That'll be sad if i can't. But then again, the more things change the more they stay the same, they say. Well, i guess i should sign off for today, Rik and Gus are starting to paw at the computer screen......Talk to you tomorrow. Take care. Ca__sandra.


tara - March 28

Hi Ca__sandra - how have you been? It was so busy at my work last week with my boss here; and on this Wed. the president of the Canadian operations in coming here from Toronto. I’m so used to not having someone with authority around that when someone is visiting I get really nervous. This was a long weekend for us and I really enjoyed the time off. I try to stay away from the computer on the weekends because I get too much of it during the week. We met up with a bunch of our friends that we hadn't seen in a while and did catching up sessions during brunch and just little stuff like that which ends up filling the weekend pretty quickly – and now it’s back to work; although my husband is off today as well. It’s weird that some companies are off for Easter Monday and some aren’t. He was in bed when I left and I was so tempted to call in sick today and just stay home. But I tell myself that it’s raining outside so it’s not like I’m missing much! How are your boys doing? Are they excited that Grandma is coming to visit? I have been out looking at baby stuff a few times but I haven’t been able to bring myself to buy anything. I don’t know what is holding me back; but it’s almost like I want to wait as long as possible to make sure everything will be okay. I guess it is a bit too early to start shopping, I’m thinking maybe around the 7th month I’ll feel a little better about getting stuff. I also don’t want to know if we are having a boy/girl – no preference just as long as we have a healthy, happy little baby we will be happy. However, I have been shopping for maternity cloths for myself. Thyme on Robson closed but there is one in Metrotown, and the big suberbian malls. There is a new store that opened on West 4th Ave. In Kitsilano called Motherhood. They have some really fun mat cloths there. I bought a couple of dresses, one dressy as we have to go to a wedding in a couple of weeks and one casual but a bright coral color, a pair pf pants for work along with a couple of shirts. It’s not much and I can see myself getting sick of the work stuff pretty quickly. It will be warmer pretty soon and I’ll have to go back for more of the summer stuff. You asked how long I have lived here…we moved to Canada when I was 9 and it’s been almost 17 years and always lived in Vancouver. How have you been feeling these days? By the way, did you get answers to your questions that you posted here? I didn’t come across anything from you, but let me know what they are and maybe I can help you out. Well, hope you have a good day – take care of your self :o)


tara - March 30

Hi Ca__sandra - just wnated to check up on you and see how you are doing. Hope everything is going well, and your just out having fun :o) Take care for now - ciao


CEM - March 30

hi tara. sorry it's taken me so long to reply, i have actually read your posts, but have just been too tired to write back. the last few days i've been feeling rotten actually. i feel like i did in the first trimester, sick to my stomach, really tired, and to top it all off i think the baby's starting to drop! i'm not sure, but i've suddenly got lots of pain/pressure down there, and not so much heartburn anymore. so i'm kind of nervous, i think it's too early, isn't it? this didn't happen at all the first 2 times so i am a bit of a novice in this department! my belly b___ton has also started to protrude a lot as well, but that could just be a coincidence. otherwise, the boys have been keeping me busy as usual, some days can seem to last an eternity. i don't want to whine, but all that work on top of being pregnant is getting really hard! Rik also had an appointment today with a specialist because Sune and i think he might have Asperger's Syndrome ( similar to autism), so that has also used up alot of my time and energy. he's now been put on a waitlist (12-15 months, oh no!!), to see someone for a proper diagnosis. i don't know how much you know about autism, but Asperger's is very similar, it's sort of considered a high-functioning autism, an autism without the language difficulties. Rik is a wonderful little boy, but is quite a handful. so time with him is very physically and emotionally demanding. we're not positive he's got it, but just think he might because of all the side-research we've done. we'll find out in a year or so! Gus, on the other hand, is fine, and i'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one! did the meeting with the big boss go? you sounded quite nervous about it, understandably. hopefully she wasn't too hard on you. i know that feeling though, of walking on pins and needles, it's not very nice. has she at least left again? i hope so, for your sake! it's nice you got to hook up with some friends over the long weekend, you better enjoy the fact that you can just get up and go while you can! while your little bundle is still on the inside! do many of your friends have kids? your maternity clothes sound nice. i haven't bought so many since i've been here because they're way too expensive. i still use all my old stuff from thyme actually which i've have for 5 years, some of it. i just said to Sune the other day i was impressed by the quality, it's all still in really good condition. i bought a pair of cotton casuals here about a month ago and they've literally already fallen apart! it started out with a small tear in the knee, which quickly got bigger and bigger (within an hour!), and now they're unwearable. so that's the last time i do that. they also cost about 120 bucks! oh i just remembered, that's another reason why i've been so busy, i ended up at the hospital the other day. i felt, and still do, for a couple of days extremely dizzy and lightheaded. it wasn't like it happened when i got up from a sitting position like it often can, it was more like just a constant state of dizziness and faintness, where i would have to stop what i was doing and sit down because i thought i was going to faint or something. i got really nervous, so called the on-call doctor and she said to get to the doctor right away, which i did. he checked my blood pressure and said it was fine and that that's somewhat normal when you're pregnant, but that i should get to my doctor. and had i been for my 24 week check-up yet? oh my goodness! i hadn't! here i was complaining to everyone that i wasn't receiving any medical care and how weird it was, and in all the complaining i forgot to make an appointment for a check-up!!!! what an idiot! i still think it's odd i have to do it myself, but you'll be happy to know i'm going to the doctor on friday, and then on to the midwife on monday. FINALLY!!! and then not again until week 35. how are you feeling anyway? can you recognize any of the symptoms i've described at all? this pregnancy has been totally different than the others. maybe it will be a girl! hope so! i'm also carrying differently, like sort of all over instead of just in the front. Sune's cousin had her baby yesterday morning, by the way. a little boy, healthy and happy so i'm very happy for her....i think i'm going to go to bed now. it's 10:30 and that awful nauseous feeling is coming back again. hope you're well, and am looking forward to hearing from you soon. take care of yourself, and baby too. Ca__sandra.


tara - March 31

Hi, I’m sorry to hear that you were in the hospital! I hope that the doctor can give you some idea of what is going on when you go in to see him. But in the mean time here is a website I found that has some information on fatigue and lightheadedness. (take out any dashes – that appear in but underscores _ should be left in). Your condition sounds very similar to what a friend of ours has; anemia, which is low iron. The Dr tolled her to take iron pills on top of her prenatal pills. The only thing is that it may cause constipation – but with a good fruit and vegetable intake and lots of water you shouldn’t run into that problem. I hope that you start to feel better soon. How far along are you now – I think you are about 4 weeks ahead of me which should put you in around 26 weeks – is that right? I hope this Dr you’ll see will be able to tell you if the baby has dropped, it seems way too early for that. There is a saying that I have heard – Girls take the mothers beauty and energy during pregnancy for their own – so maybe you are getting your baby girl this time and all that’s going on has to do with that ;o) Have been to an ultra sound yet? My aunt has 3 boys and she has always wanted a daughter so when her boys were all grown up and leaving the house she decided to adopt a daughter (this is in Iran) but she didn’t meet the requirements for adopting because by that time she was considered too old. She loves her boys and wouldn’t trade a thing in the world for them, but her longing for a daughter has always been there even though her boys treat her like a queen 24/7. I’m shocked at how long it takes to see a Dr. in Denmark! Is it because there aren’t enough Doctors compared to the population? I always thought they would have a great medical system there. I know a child with autism through friends and his condition is pretty sever from what I hear. He has a group of people who help take care of him and teach him things daily. But I hadn’t heard of this Asperger's Syndrome. I hope that everything turns out okay. How old is Rik? Last week with my boss here was a bit stressful, and she is coming again next week. She has a total power trip over me and I feel uncomfortable when she is here. I just think we don’t know eachother well enough because she works in Toronto and it makes it hard to establish a relationship. However this week the president is here; he is a big, loud scary man. I’ve seen him get mad at people and it’s not a pretty site - I would not want to be that person. But he is nice to me and the other girls in the office; he always comes to my office and jokes around and I have a good relationship with him. Well I won’t keep you on the computer too much longer I just hope you start to feel better soon. I’ll be thinking of you ;o)


CEM - April 5

hi tara! how are you? i hope you had a nice weekend....i have actually tried on 2 occasions to get back to you but ended up having to give up because of rik and gus getting antsy. this post won't be long either because it's almost lunchtime, but thought i'd touch base while i had 2 minutes to myself. i'll write again tonight after they've gone to bed. i'm actually doing fine today. i went to the doctor on friday and she had me all worked up by saying i was measuring big, like between 30 and 33 weeks. i thought i was only 27-28. but i believed her because i don't really know for SURE when i conceived. so then i had to wait the whole weekend to see my midwife on monday, which was a long weekend let me tell you. i was worried too because i was on some medication for a while before i knew i was pregnant, and was really hoping i wasn't so far along, because then that would mean the baby was exposed for longer, if you get me drift?! well, yesterday i went to see my midwife and was so relieved to find out she thinks i'm only 27-28 weeks, as did her co-worker, thank goodness. they both said the baby does feel on the large side, but it would actually be weird if it didn't considering the size of sune, and how big rik and gus were. so that was a big relief. otherwise, i've been feeling a lot better, with respect to the dizziness as well as in general. i've been making myself take it easy a little more and sitting and relaxing as much as possible. it really helps. my blood pressure is low, they both said, so that would account for the dizzy feeling all the time. i have been taking iron for about a month now, so i don't think it's that, i just have a tendency to try to do too many things at once, whereas now i physically can't! i just try to tell myself the house can be a mess and the laundry can wait, i've got to think about myself and the little one inside of me! how are you feeling anyhow? listen, i've got to go now, but i'll definitely get back to you tonight when i have more time. hope you're happy and healthy! ca__sandra.


tara - April 5

Hi, you sound like you have your hands full and lots on your mind - I saw your post about the baby crying in the womb...could it be any animals around in your area or your subconciouse playing on you - especially if you have been stressing out a lot lately and thinking that could effect the baby as well. Do they do ultrasounds there? If so at what stage in the pregnancy? measuring the baby in the u/s can tell you how far along you are. I have been doing alright - a lot going on around work and stuff but I have been doing only the stuff that needs to be done and if something can wiat then I'll leave it. I don't want to deal with too much stress if I don't have to mainly because I don't have the patience for it. I have my monthly Dr. appointment this friday morning and I'm really anxious for it; I just want to hear her say things are going fine. Well, keep me posted on how things are progressing on your end. Oh, is your mother coming to visit you soon?



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