To K About Outlook

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Jbear - October 19

Okay, this is the thing about Outlook, or any other email program on your computer. Besides regular email, which is sent from one person to another, there are newsgroups, which is sent like email but anyone can check it. People use it to post pictures, music, video, software, etc. It is the easiest way to find free p___n on the internet. To see if your husband is looking at p___n this way, get into outlook and look at your folders. You'll have local folders, like the inbox, and below that you might have something that says news.your isp. If you do, click on it and it will show you a list of suscribed newsgroups. From their names you'll know if it's p___n or not. If your husband isn't using newsgroups, then he's probably using pay sites, and you can look at his credit card statements. That's how my mom noticed my dad was looking at internet p___n (she cares, I don't, my husband and I both look at it sometimes). What are you planning to do if you find that your husband has been looking at p___n? Tell him to stop, bring it up every time you argue, or not mention it but you want to see what kind of pictures he likes? I'm only asking because you seem to be looking pretty hard for evidence, but is finding out one way or another going to change your relationship? It might be better to let your husband have a little privacy and dignity.


2 y y' = - 2x - October 19

Why are you helping her to find possible evidence if you think he deserves privacy? It is my opinion that he ought to have some privacy as well.


Jo - October 19

after spending tons of time looking and fantasing at p___n it can effect a mans ability to perform. This happens quite frequently. My ex husband was in this position. He was addicted to it and when it came to s_xual matters between us he couldn't get it up.


me - October 19

If people want to help K, thats their choice. But thanks to you no- minds that put your unwelcome 2 cents in! If you dont want to help K, then dont. But dont type your witty uncalled for remarks to those that do, or to K herself. Time to grow up ladies, and learn what your parents should have told you years ago ..... mind your own business, dont like something? Then keep your mouths shut!


Jo - October 19

I just wanted to let her know that in some situations interference or even snooping to help with a serious problem is needed. Best of luck!


Bonnie - October 19

Me is right. You may not agree with K's choice, and many opinions were stated in the other thread, but this thread is from JBear to K. It specifically says it is to K and so it is really no one else's business at this point. It's almost like a witch hunt at this point and (while I may not agree with her methods) all I see are people follwing her threads around (out of boredom I guess) and attacking her with very little response back from K (which I admire her willpower to say nothing). We do not have the option of private messaging on this forum, and there is no way K or JBear could exchange e-mail addresses without you hormonal-crazy women stalking her. This thread was to K and to K alone, let's all leave her alone and move on to a thread where someone is actually asking for advice instead of stalking someone like ravaged dogs.


Bonnie - October 19

Yeah, right. Them e-mailing each other would be fine except how is K supposed to give out her e-mail address without you jerks stalking and attacking her. You may not agree with her spying, but it is her life and NO ONE deserves to be attacked like this. I would be scared to death to give out an e-mail address if I were her (even if it were just hotmail). If you are so desperate to vent your life's frustrations on someone, go find a thread posted by a troll, there are enough on this site after all. K may not be doing the right thing, but you people who keep stalking her and attacking her are far worse. I hope to God you people are bored kids with nothing to do and not really pregnant and planning on raising a child with your nasty personalities. Sick. (K, I am so sorry you have to deal with this kind of stuff. I don't agree with the spying part, but I truely hope you work things out. It feels bad enough having marital issues without having people attack you as well. Maybe you should change your name. I was hoping for you to keep us updated (ar at least those of us who do care) but maybe it's better to say no more as some of these horrible people will just continue to stalk you to make their own lives mroe entertainable. Good luck!)


teigan - October 19

OH MY GOD. LADIES... have you heard yourselves, its like been back at shool, everyone is ent_tled to an opinion, wether they agree with k or not, i myself think he should be upfront with her or she should just come straight out ans ask him why he does it., as finding tissues next to the computer with man.... erm fluids in it is disgusting, and K is not sick, she is just wanting to know what her hubby is up to, p___n ruins alot of relationships, but it looks like you lot are alreay ruining this one by not understanding. its good when both of you look at p___n together, but when its hidden, then i think there is something clearly wrong, not everyone thinks p___n is great, and not every woman should be over the moon that her husband is looking at it, we are all different.. good luck K. i hope your figure out what your going to do soon, xx


Bonnie - October 19

To the Web site master, thanks for monitoring this thread and removing the bad ones. Could you also remove my last post since that was in response to someone being nasty? Thanks!



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