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Lynette - March 28

Hi Kenyamama! I was worried that we were starting to take over the other thread, but I really wanted to find out more about you. So you have your first doctor appointment next week - good luck with that :-). So how many weeks along does that make you? What makes you nervous about miscarriage? Did you have some problems last time or are you having funny feelings this time? I'm actually trying to fall pregnant again after miscarrying my first at 13 weeks in January this year. It was very sad but this site has helped me no end. I finally felt strong enough to move from the pregnancy loss page over here to general etc a couple of weeks ago and it's much more positive (as you'd expect!) Anyway, have a great day and relax - everything will be beautiful and you will have nothing to worry about :-) Take care, kwa heri! Lynette


Kenya to lynette - March 28

Hi! I was feeling the same way, so thanks for starting a new one. I will be 8 wks on Tues. I don't really have any symptoms except sore b___sts. I think I have just had miscarriage on the brain cuz seems like so many around me are going through that. I know God will give me strength to handle whatever comes. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I know from all around me that that can be so devastating. I am glad you were able to move to this site. Best of luck with becoming preg. Are you actually Australian, or just living there? So fun to chat! I'll be out of town for a few days w/ my husband and 2yr. old. I'll check back in w/ ya when I get home. In the meantime, take care!


Lynette - March 29

Yes, I'm Australian - living in Brisbane if you know where that is :-). Don't worry about the number of people having m/c's around you, and don't feel guilty for having a healthy pregnancy. I'm a great believer in positive things creating more positive things. You will have another beautiful baby to be a little brother or sister to your 2 year old. How wonderful! When exactly is your appointment? Are they sending you for an ultrasound early or do you have to wait for the 20 week mark? Whereabouts do you live? Well, I hope you had a good time on your trip with your family. I'm heading off with my hubby on 5th April for a week or so, so if you aren't back by then, I'll catch you when I get back. Hey, I'll know if I'm pregnant by the time I get back! How exciting - cross fingers for me :-))


Kenya mama - March 31

I just looked up Brisbane so I could see where it was. I would love to see Australia! I have heard it's beautiful! Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am going for my appointment this afternoon. As far as I know, they are not planning on doing any ultrasounds until the 20wk. mark. I wish I could have one sooner, but c'est la vie. I hope you have a fantastic time w/ your hubby. I'll be thinking of you and anxious to hear if you're pregnant. We live in California, but went to Arizona to see some baseball games. My husband is a huge baseball fan, so I'm trying to learn more about it. Since there's no baseball in Kenya, it is taking me a while to catch on. I think I'm getting there. I am married to a very patient man! Well, we'll talk again soon! Blessings to you!


lynette - April 1

Hi KM! Well, you would have been for your appointment by now - I hope (know) it went well. I don't suppose they could tell you too much at 8 weeks, but hopefully they found you to be healthy :-). Wow - baseball, eh? I can't say I know much about that. In Australia cricket and rugby league (a type of football) are the most popular sports, but I must say I know about as much about those as I do about baseball!!! I'm more into music myself. I went to California (LA) in about 1996. I only stayed for a couple of weeks but managed to see quite a bit considering I was only travelling by local bus! So is your husband really excited about your new baby coming? Mine got so excited when I was pregnant and then so disappointed when I lost it, that I'm hoping next time he can be just as excited, and not too worried, you know? We are going on holidays next Tuesday (to Cairns - another one to look up on your map ;-) ) so will be around for a few more days and can't wait to hear how your appointment was. I'm very excited for you. I hope I am pregnant soon so we can "compare notes". Lovely chatting to you. Take care! Kwa Heri!


KM - April 1

Hello, Lynnette! Well, I had my appointment. It went quite well. They didn't do an ultrasound or try to hear the heartbeat, but I will have that in 2wks. The Dr. did say that my uterus is measuring at 8 weeks though, so that was good to hear. I am REALLY looking forward to the u/s. We began announcing it to our friends last night, so that was really fun. We had a good time watching baseball. I know more about rugby than American football as that is a popular sport in Kenya. My husband is very excited about the new baby. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but getting more excited. He has actually been the one to break the news to everyone so far because he can't contain himself long enough to let me say it! :) I hope your husband will be able to be excited too. I am sure it will be a bit scary as well, but I will be praying that all goes well and your hearts will be at peace. It will be fun to be able to "compare notes" with you...hopefully SOON! Chat more later!


lynette - April 2

That's great news!!! I'll bet you can't wait for that 2 weeks to pa__s by :-) What date is it exactly so I know when to think of you? I was going to ask you whether your 2 year old was a boy or girl, then noticed on another thread that you referred to him as a "he". Is he wonderful? When are you going to tell him he will be a big brother? My friend just had a baby boy who has a three year old big brother. It was funny because I think he thought his Mum was going to pop out a fully functioning playmate, and couldn't understand why the baby wouldn't take and open his presents for himself - children are so precious! I was wondering - in Kenya, is it supposed to be bad luck to congratulate someone on being pregnant? I'm just asking because there is a Doctor at my work who is from Kenya, and when someone congratulated me on being pregnant (before I lost it) he said "ooh, it's very bad to congratulate someone before the baby comes". He seemed quite worried that people were congratulating me - so is that a Kenyan thing or was he just being over cautious? That was funny about your husband "bursting" with the news - I was just picturing it and smiling. Anyway, look after yourself and your little life inside you and I'll chat to you soon! :-)


Kenya - April 5

Hi! I know you're already gone on your vacation to Cairn, but wanted to send a quick note anyway. They just bumped my u/s appt. to Apr.19, so I'll definitely call my friend who's a nurse for an earlier ultrasound. I've been thinking of you and hoping for the best news when you come back from your vacation. You asked about my son. He is fabulous! He just turned 2, so we have told him he's going to be a big brother, but he doesn't quite get it. He talks about babies, but it hasn't registered with him yet. We'll see how things pan out as I grow bigger! You also asked about Kenyan culture and pregnancy. I am not sure about all of the tribes in Kenya, but we lived among the Maasai tribe. To them, it is VERY bad luck to even mention that you are pregnant, let alone congratulate someone. The infant mortality rate is still quite high in Kenya. In the Maasai culture, the baby is not even given a name for a year! You never tell a woman that her baby is beautiful. They believe that will call attention to the baby by the evil spirits. When you visit the home of a new mother, all the women sit around, take turns holding the baby and "insulting" the baby, all the while giving each other knowing winks. They will say, "this is a bad, ugly baby! it looks like a rat!" Meanwhile they are grinning and winking at the mother. It is a very different culture and way of life. Do you happen to know what tribe the Dr. is from in Kenya? Anyway, I've been praying for you and your husband and hoping for the best. Can't wait to hear from you when you get home. Kwaheri!


me again! - April 6

Like I said, I know you're gone, but just wanted to share the news! My friend who is the nurse did an ultrasound today and we got to see our little baby! We watched the heartbeat and saw the head and the two little sticks that will be legs!! So amazing and exciting!


Lynette - April 14

Wow, Kenya, that is FULL ON! (about the culture differences). Did it surprise you to see how different things were in that regard in America? I don't know which tribe my Dr friend is from - I'll have to ask when I go back to work next week. Now I understand his reaction! That is so exciting about your ultrasound. I'm glad you got one done nice and early (on my birthday, actually!) That day was also the day I tested - negative again! Oh well, my time will come and it will be soon. I will just enjoy your news until it happens. Are you feeling well? Nearly 10 weeks for you now! A quarter of the way through and just about past the worrying part (and having heard the heartbeat and seeing all is well, certainly nothing to worry about :-)). So how did you meet your husband? And how old are you too, by the way? I just turned 34 or 21 with 13 years experience, I like to think ;-). Anyway, take care - really glad to hear all is well. L


Kenya - April 14

L~Hey! Did you have a nice holiday? Happy Birthday! There were a lot of things that were a shock to me when I moved back to the U.S. Learning to use the bank machine was a VERY embarra__sing lesson. Anyway, I will continue to think and pray for your turn to come soon! I am beginning to gain more energy. I just pa__sed the 10 week mark on Tuesday, so that was good. As for our age, I am 28 and my husband is 30. We met at university. I worked as an operator for the school and he worked in the office across the way. He thought I was cute and would throw candy at my to try and make me laugh when I answered the phone. I think that is my favorite thing about him...he can always make me laugh. We were married in '98, so we're coming up on our 7 yr. anniversary in July. What about you and your hubby? When/how did you meet and how long have you been married? Glad to get back on here with you again! Have a fantastic day! ~K


Lynette - April 15

Hey K! You have a good way of painting pictures in my mind. I was thinking of your husband throwing candy at you and having a good laugh! I hope you got to eat it :-). My husband and I had a whirlwind romance. Started talking to him about music in a cafe in October 2003 (he is a jazz drummer and I'm a cla__sical 'cellist), got engaged Valentine's Day 2004 and were married in October 2004. We were on our honeymoon for our first anniversary of meeting! We fell pregnant at the end of October so everything had gone perfectly to plan until the miscarriage - in a way I think it was a test for us to see if we were strong enough to deal with adversity. Now I know our relationship is strong and that I can rely on him for support in hard times, so that is what I've taken from the experience. Has your husband visited your family in Kenya? He must be a very loving man to make you feel so happy living away from your family. I think your weekend is about to start, so have a good one and take care! :-)


Lynette - April 18

Hey there KM! I asked the Doctor at my work and he is from Kitali. He was over there for work for the past 2 weeks and he brought me back a t-shirt that says "Tuko Pamoja" - he remembered that my wedding rings said Umoja etc and thought of me - isn't that sweet! I didn't realise, also, that the Maasai are close to Tanzania. You might be interested that my engagement ring has a Tanzanite stone in it. It was by pure fluke - I just liked the colour, but then found out where it was from so that was really cool. Well, I hope you had a great weekend. 11 weeks on Tuesday for you - woo hoo! Take care, my friend!


KM - April 18

You put a smile on my face just by mentioning all those little things that are so familiar to me. Kitali is further north and a BEAUTIFUL area. Yes, we lived near fact at one point, we were so near you could walk easily between the 2 countries! How sweet that he thought of you and brought back a shirt! He sounds like a very nice man. It sounds like your wedding ring is beautiful! I love Tanzanite. It is such a gorgeous stone! Yes, Tuesday is a big day! It marks 11wks and I get another ultrasound! I will be sure to let you know how everything goes. Today I am taking my Wes (my son) to the university where I worked before he was born. I am having lunch with some of my office-mates. It should be fun. I don't miss working, though. I love being a mommy full-time! Hope you have a fantastic day! I'll talk to you more later! Blessings on you and your husband!


KM - April 19

Hi, Lynette! Just wanted to update you. I just got home from the Dr. office where they did my ultrasound! Everything is progressing fine. I have an amazing active little baby in there! The heartbeat measured at 162bpm, so a nice healthy rate. It was wonderful and a relief to see. I've been thinking about you. Hope you're doing well. For now, kwaheri!


Lynette - April 20

That is GREAT about your ultrasound. It's so special that you could see the baby and the heartbeat. I'm so very happy for you. I get especially pleased for people who are having good pregnancies because of that belief I have about positivity creating more positivity. Actually it was at my first ultrasound that they discovered my baby wasn't alive (I hadn't had any signs or discomfort) so that will be an anxious moment next time I have to have one! So did Wes have a good time visiting your friends? And did they dote on him like the special boy he is? I'm up reeeally late here right now - it's about 12:45am! I have been arranging some music for a wedding I'm playing at on Saturday (leaving things til the last minute as usual!!) Probably time to "hit the hay". Keep staying well and happy! L :-)


KM - April 22

Hi, Lynette. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. How was the wedding that you played at? I am sure it was a glowing success! It sounds like you put a lot of thought and time into what and how you will play. That is fantastic! My friends LOVED seeing Wesley and all his new accomplishments and the words he can say now. Of course I encouraged him because I'm a proud mama, but I think that's to be expected. So, are you strictly a musician, or do you have to have a "day job"? I know you've mentioned something about a Dr. office...What are some of your favorite pastimes and hobbies? Well, hope you're doing fine. I just wanted you to know that I've been thinking of you. Have a fabulous day!



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