To Late To Change My Doctor To A Midwife

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mm - November 9

This is my first pregnancy and I am 33 weeks pregnant with twins. I do like my doctors but I have seriously been thinking about getting a midwife instead.I have been told that I might have my babies delivered by a doctor that I have never met and this really scares me. I DO NOT want a episiotomy and I am afraid that I will end up with one or have a c-section that I am unsure about getting as well.I live on a military base and I feel it is not a very personal office and I feel like a number.Is it to late to change doctors and get a midwife instead?


kr - November 9

You can switch if you want, but there may be other solutions. I'm being delivered by a mid-wife. I go to a pratice where there are 3 certified. My visits rotate between them all, so no matter who is on call I will have met them.What you should do is meet with all the doctors who will be on call. It is a reasonable request and you won't be faced with a stranger. Additionally, you can write out a birth plan with your doctor. A copy should be kept in your file and given to each of the delivery staff. In a birth plan you can specify at which point you would accept a C-section, episiotomy, I.V., who can be in the room, etc. Just google "birth plan" for ideas. Having an idea of what you want and letting your doctor know you have an opinion will get you better treatment that is right for you.Since this is your first delivery and it will be a twin birth a hospital might be a better idea. In my state midwives do not do C-sections, so if you needed one you might have a problem. Similiarly, hospitals are better equipped to handle any complications that happen with multiples. if the hospital scares you, you should look into a tour. Tours are a great thing to ask for. I don't know how insurance works in your case, but switching could cause a problem at this point. If you really want an advocate, and someone to hold your hand I think you should find a doula. A doula is a lady who is there just for YOU! She can stand up to the doctors and answer any of your questions. You hire them at any point in your pregnancy. They have a lot of experince with birth plans. I'm sorry to be running you can do this, you just need support.Tell me how it goes.



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