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Dez - December 22

I was just checking to see how you ladies are doing, and wish you a Merry Christmas


KM - December 23

Hi Dez! I don't really come on here much b/c u know how much time to urself u have with a newborn lolbut I also wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing and wish u guys merry x-mas as well.I'm doing great, finding nights a little difficult because aaron has a bit of night colick.Hes growing so fast tho, i have been taking pictures like crazy. my site is if you girls want to see some cute christmas ones and stuff, im still always posting new ones.How is Anastacia doing? Are you having trouble with anything? M, how is ttc? any luck yet? I wish you all the best. Maybe christmas or new years will be the lucky day lol. E, how is your pregnancy going??


Dez - December 25

KM same here with my baby, at first she would actually sleep through the night now, she will stay up from 11pm til 7 in the morning fussing. I have misplaced so many things this last week everyone thinks I have lost my mind, lol. I always check your updated pictures when ever I take more pictures and update my site, they are soooo cute. I cant believe how developed Anastacia is. She can focus on things far away, like she will follow you with her head and eyes as you walk out of the room, she coos and smiles when you talk to her. my site is also updated, and I am also always updating it. M I hope you get that baby for christmas. I wanted to ask you ladies a question and please dont yell at me, lol. how soon after you have a baby can you get pregnant? ok I know you are suppose to wait for 6 weeks, but I swear my bf would not touch me while I was pregnant, and since I had the baby he has been trying to jump my bones everyday. after I had the baby and everything was going great (sleeping through the night) I didnt mind having another baby (didnt know when) and my boyfriend who said before the baby was born he didnt want anymore, started talking about a son. I got a happy feeling because its not likley that you hear a man talk about wanting a baby. anywayz I let him talk me into having s_x, well he went to get a condom and we both looked at it and he said I'll just pull out, I didnt mind if he went inside or outside of me but I kinda wanted him to go inside of me because my feelings were I did want more children, and I didnt care when (I havent started bc by the way). well we ended up doing it and he did finish inside of me, and after that happened the anxiety kicked in, and I wasnt so sure I wanted another baby so soon, oh and thats about the time the colicky nights kicked in, lol. and I started thinking about the horrifying morning sickness I had,lol. oh well whats done is done but I'm not gonna do s_x anymore until six weeks is up, and I should be able to find out then if Im pg again and if not I am going to get my IUD and wait it off another year or two.


Advice - December 26

you should not be having s_x before 6 weeks after you give birth, its not good for you. And its not good for you to get pregnant that soon after you give birth.


Mel - December 26

I think that's silly "advice". That whole 6-week rule is not carved in stone and as soon as your doctor says you are physically ready and you yourself (the best judge!) know you are physically and emotionally ready, go ahead and begin s_x again. Pregnancies and child births are so personal and individual and no two are alike... why would your recovery be the exact same as everyone else? And if you've had a cesarean, the healing time down below is much different than with a v____al birth. No, it may not be advisable to get pregnant so early after delivery (minus 6 weeks) however, whether you start s_x at 3weeks or 12 weeks post-delivery, you should be using birth control anyways until you DO want to get pregnant again. If you're b___stfeeding, use a progesterone-only pill so it doesn't interfere with milk production. Silly, silly advice... telling people how to plan their family.


advice - December 26

ANYWAYZ MEL, i wasnt "telling people how to plan their family". It was just my advice since anyways u go c the doctors after six weeks and they advice u not to have s_x.


advice - December 26

not to have s_x before then, so i wasnt tellin her not to, just like u came on here with ur advice i came on here with my advice.


Dez - December 26

well like I said whats done is done. and this thread was posted for m, E and KM. I wasnt looking for advice, I already know everything you had to say. I was looking for confort from my friends on here not looking for someone I dont know to put me down for a mistake I was aware of.


advice - December 26

I wasnt trying to put u down okay, and dont get offended either, so calm down, im just saying, ur right whats done is done and its ur life, im just saying.


advice - December 26

and regardless if u posted this up for ur friends, other people are still gonna read it cuz its in a public forum.


KM - December 27

hey Dez, yeah ignore these ppl. lol I'm going to check out your site when im done posting. Uhmm.. I had s_x 3 wks after I had aaron b/c thats when I was ready, my doctor also okayed it.and every doctor advises differently..6 wks is not necessarily, its whenever you are comfortable.I actually got my period back 4 wks after he was thats just how fast you can ovulate and get pregnant again.the nurse told me i think 3 days after the birth u can ovulate.I already started the pill lol because I wanted to get my periods regular again and be very safe. were also using condoms lol because were finding this very consuming and tiring and want to wait 2 yrs before the next one lol. then again we are still very young.I don't really know what your chances of being pregnant are, but i wouldnt judge it by when your AF comes cause u never know when it will show up and you could be worrying for a long time lol. I would get your doc to do a blood test at your postpartum check up, maybe even make an earlier appt., to get your birth control started, if you are not b___st feeding.just to be on the safe side.anyway good luck i hope everything works out for you


Dez - December 28

thx KM, I dont know if i have even gotten a regular period yet because I havent stopped bleeding since I had the baby, it is just really really light. I feel you on this whole thing being tiring, she is so cute, but man is she wearing me out, lol.


Dez - December 28 This sleep deprivation is getting to me, lol


KM - December 29

LOL Dez I was also wondering why It wasn't working for me either. Yeah It would be nice if on this site everyone had to sign up or something so no one could post under your name.i never get time to come on here anymore it sucks,...babys make you so busy. I barely have time to do the laundry! lol anyways, nothings really new with me I guess..still trying to lose my last bit of weight,I seem to be on this period that is never ending. its been like 13 days.and the doctor said it was my period not just bleeding from after the baby because i got it like 2 wks after I stopped bleeding after the birth. ( if that makes any sense) lol well whats all new with you girls??


Dez - December 30

I am just so super exhausted, my house is a complete disaster. I hadnt been on here much because like two weeks after the baby was born my bf's sister died, man oh man was that a mess, we had to plan the whole funeral, that mad things more exhausting on top of emotional during post pardum. things are starting to clear up now, and I am thinking of going back to work, but I dont like the thought of leaving my baby. My b___bs still hurt like hell, lol and for some weird reason when they hurt they make my whole body hurt, I dont get it, lol KM what r u doing for new years, I would like to do something but I dont leave my baby with anyone.


E - December 31

Hello Ladies!!! I have been so busy I have not had time to post for the past few weeks. Hope you all have a happy new year and Dez, sorry to hear about your husband's sister. May I ask what happened? I understand if you do not want to indulge info, especially on this site. Also, the link you provided will not work for me. Not much new here. I have gained weight (finally) and am a whopping 145lbs at 7.5 months. My baby kicks constantly and sticks his adorable tush out so I can see it through my belly. I cannot wait for him to arrive. Hope you are all well :) M - glad to hear you have been naughty with Santa! XOXO


tiffani - December 31

Not fair E, i'm 145lbs and NOTpregnant. ;o)



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