To Military Moms

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Narcissus - December 15

This thread is not to debate the war!! Only positive energy is welcome here, thank you. -- I am sure you know that today is election day in Iraq with a very heavy turnout including the Sunnis who avoided the last election:) So far all has gone well and Iraqis, yes, the women, get to excercise their right to vote. In light of everyone's opinions, good or bad, this is an excellent day for the military moms, who have sacraficed their family, to pat yourselves on the back for holding down the fort while dad is away. I think it's a day to celebrate. I hope it stays that way.


Amen - December 15

Agree whole heartedly with everything you posted. The hardest job in the military is being the family member who waits at home. God Bless


Narcissus - December 15

Whether one is for or against this war, the reality is that it's days like today, where the people of Iraq can succesfully vote without being executed by their own people, and actually show an interest in their parliament, that move us forward and bring this world closer to the end of the war. And....Today, daddies are closer to the day wen they will be home with their children. I am sure they are feeling that way after the polls closed and their was minimal violence. The hope must be overwhelming for these men. It's a day to celebrate, like I said.


Tiffany - December 15

My husband hasnt gone to Iraq yet (we just found out he has a VERY high chance though) but i am still so proud of him. He has been in texas for the past 2 months and wont be home till Feb. which sucks. I am proud of everyone in the military and everyone who has supported them.


Narcissus - December 15

Their should read "There". I hate my typos!! Tiffany, I wish your family the best!!


unknown - December 15

my husband is in the military as well...thankfully he went over to iraq before we were together, but he is navy, so he is constantly here or there, so i know what it is like to be away...and you are right...we are the ones here waiting, and wondering, and keeping it all together in the process...i appreciate your acknowledgement, and good luck and god bless all of our families who have suffered and who are suffering...( mom got me chicken soup for the military wives soul, and it is excellent) take care everyone!


Tiffany - December 16

Ty very much narcissus. I am so happy that DH is coming home for christmas and will be able to find out the s_x of the baby with me!! To unknown that book was awesome. Dh bought it for me and i really enjoyed it. Some of the stories made me cry.


Shana - December 16

Nacissus- As a former Army wife, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your acknowledgement! My husband went to Iraq when the war first started and missed a lot of the "firsts" for our daughter. It was a very hard job trying to be mother and father. Thanks again for recognizing that!


Tiffany - December 16

Well i just got the worst news of my life...We are going to be stationed in ND. Ugh...



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