To Momma Duke

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pdiddy - July 31

You accused E of wanting to adopt a baby from Africa to be trendy & not for love - You said that times are tough for you in other posts. Maybe someone will adopt you instead? I talked to my fiance and we are happy to take you in our home to show you love.


HAHA! - July 31

I think she might be the same person as B and PPP. what a pathetic looser. she is a troll and is here to cause problems she never gives any good advice.


To Ha HA - July 31

my point exactly .... I don't have a problem with her , IT just throughs me off when it is neither funny or adviceful kinda like trolling I guess .CMJ


E - July 31

Interesting thread... I figured out the trendy remark, by the way. Must have to do with Angelina Jolie, whom I don't care for. I am and always will be a Jen fan:) Anyhow, I had the idea to adopt from Africa long before AJ publicized her adoption. Also, I could never afford to adopt a child with Aids, or I would in a heartbeat. It is due to all of the press I would get b/c the paparazzi stalk me like crazy. Not because I have a heart of gold.


confucius - July 31

the mirror never lies...


kellie - July 31

It's too bad that it costs so much to adopt. I have never been an Angelina Jolie fan but I think what she is doing is very admirable. If it wasn't for the hefty fees I would seriously consider adopting a baby myself.


CMJ - July 31

I agree with kelly ... the cost is very high most likely too high for most people but I think Es suggestion to my THIRD CHILD YES or NO thread was a good one (joke or no joke) I just can't help but think about all the reasons why there is a need to adopt overseas children . Some of it is our fault but all the forms of exploitation are the greatest reason


E - July 31

CMJ - why do you think I was joking about adoption in your thread? I was being very serious. I am a bit confused about why you think so...


CMJ - July 31

Okay E fair enough , I appreciate you're honesty but here is my own dilema about the whole issue .... I liked the people in the church we attended for years before we moved and they really really liked us but this little thing bounced around in my head year after year . What if something happened to my wife and or I . Who would adopt the boys as I looked around for the GOD PARENT scenario I began to realize I wasn't seeing any interest or offers not even the Play Grandparent scenario , because both my parents and my wifes parents died before the boys could meet them although they briefly got to meet my stepmother before she died of brain and lung cancer . Was I surrounded by liars in that church .? Only one offer to date but even that took a little convincing . It's good to know that there is potential for foreign children by some of you .Are any of you concerned about the same thing I am , with you and yours ???


E - July 31

DH's parents will adopt our children, if we both die. I am sorry that you are in that predicament. Have you found anyone yet? So, I am still confused. Do you mean to say that the people in the church were not willing to help you, when it came down to you asking them for help, in the case of your deaths? Were they "make believe" do-gooders but unwilling to adopt your children should a tradgedy strike? Is that why you asked me if I was joking about adoption? Do you feel that if someone is willing to adopt a child, that they should take any number of children, not just a single child from a place/time of choice? Just wondering...


To E - July 31

wouldn't it be nice if the boys didn't have to be seperated if that situation ever came about ? I've heard nothing better than 99% horror stories in the foster care world and that is the most likelyhood for any of our children right around the Globe . and yes that is exactly what I meant "make belief " do gooders. I call Foster Care the Better than Nothing Scenario. I'm glad DHs parents would take on that roll it's nice to have someone you know and who knows the kids to take that on


Joke about adoption - July 31

.... wasn't sure what to think as you know through some threads I wasn't sure if I had a curve ball thrown at me or not CMJ


E - July 31

CMJ - you have been nothing but polite to me. I don't act like an a__s for fun, only when someone is being rude to me. I sometimes, and usually accidentally, make a remark that is rude. We all have our bad moments don't we? I feel bad when I do it but the person who calls me on it is often no nicer so I get defensive and the ball rolls. Not my best trait but I will work on it. I agree about foster care being a nightmare. I hope your children never have to deal with what we have discussed. Separation is the worst thing for children who are traumatized. If I were to foster one child, I would not hesitate to bring in the siblings. I would have it no other way. I am off to bed so, goodnight:)


Tsk tsk tsk - July 31

Pack mentality at its finest. Mama Duke is totally innocent but you guys don't want to believe that. Now you have an evil negro in your midsts and she must be dealt with. Carry on with your lynching.


CMJ - August 1

I havn't read any of Mama Dukes threads other than the one, but given this thread it obviously shows she has had some tough times so it is said . I'm with you that maybe she is innocent but as far as pack mentality goes .... well , lets just say I got a few slaps myself for being encouraging on one thread . Maybe I was a little hard on her , like to hear what she has to say just a little more substance though if not thats fine too after all she did get me laughing a few times . I was getting the impression she was in a paintball game forum .


???? - August 1

WHo is Mama Duke


confucius - August 1

a fools tounge is quick like a flying spear, yet his mind moves like a tortoise.



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