To Moms Do Babies Get Headaches

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E - June 23

I was wondering the other day if my little guy ( 3 months) had a headache. I know this sounds stupid, but he is a good baby and seemed to not be feeling well, but did not have a temp. Has anyone asked a pediatrician this question? I feel awful thinking that he may have one and I could give him Children's Tylenol to alleviate the pain. Of course, how would I know. I remember hearing once that doctors thought that colicy babies were having migraine-like headaches.


Steph - June 23

I asked my doc the same question about six years ago when my daughter was little, and he said that it is possible for them to get headaches, but they may be acting like they do not feel well due to overstimulation. Myia's doc said that signs of a possible headache in a baby would be squinting, fussiness, and furrowing their brow. Hope that helps...


val - June 23

It could just be gas also


question - June 23

If you suspect that your baby does have a headache, what can you do? Is it advisable to give them children's tylenol, or is that more for toddlers and yound children (that's what my impression was). I'd like to know please. Thanks.


Steph - June 23

They have infant tylenol to give to your baby if they are sick and not feeling well. Don't give them tylenol for older kids.


E - June 23

Thanks, Steph. We have Children's Tylenol Drops and I would always call my ped before using it. To Question - Even with CT, you are advised to call your doctor if your infant is under 6 months of age.


Jessica F. - June 23

Yep they get step son used to get them all the time when he was a baby and toddler. He's more or less grown out of it now though


E - June 23

Jessica, thanks for your reply. How did you know when he had a headache. What signs did he show? How sad... I feel awful when my head hurts and it makes me sad to think of my baby in pain.


jojo - June 24

i know! i am very hormonal and weepy at the moment and read in a baby magazine that babies that have a difficult birth are often grumpy for a few days as they have a bad headache..i cried for two hours..and dh just couldnt get his head around it.


Jennifer - June 24

E, just want to make sure. You said that you have children's tylenol. Make sure that you use the INFANT tylenol and be careful of the dosage. It is concentrated so the dosage is different than children's. I only say this again because I know a woman that accidentally over dosed her baby.


E - June 24

Thanks, Jennifer. We do have the Infant's Tylenol Drops. I just checked the package.


S - June 24

I was just wondering. I have been suffering from migranes since i was 8. Will my baby have this too? I might have had my migranes before that when i was little because my dad had migranes and i have them too. Will it get pa__sed on?


E - to S - June 24

I have read tha migraines are hereditary. My only suggestion is to discuss this with your pediatrician, and to find out what types of foods are triggers for migraine headaches. Once you know the triggers, make sure your baby avoids them. The other types of triggers (stress, sleep...) are impossible to control in your baby's life. I know peanuts, not nuts in general, are triggers. If you plan to b___stfeed, avoid peanut products all together for your baby. Many migraine sufferers complain of peanuts as a trigger, including my husband and brother.



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