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randi - October 11

im 5'4 and 199, 190 before pregnancy. Im now 19 weeks and 4 days. my lower stomach is getting a little tighter. When did most of you women start to show and how much did you weigh before pregnancy


bump - October 11



M.A. - October 11

I'm 17 weeks, and weighed around 190 before. Now I weigh between 180 and 185, and I'm 5'6". I noticed my tummy start getting a little bigger between weeks 15 & 16. This week it's gotten bigger! That's what I don't understand. I weigh about the same, or less, and yet my tummy and b___bs look like they're popping out compared to the rest of my body! So my clothes are beginning to get really tighter on top, and in the middle. I also feel a lot of pressure in my lower back. So much that it hurts all the way down when I first sit down. Well that's my info. Sorry for the complaining. My family doesn't seem to understand, or care.


RR - October 11

Im a bigger girl.. and yeah, i have put on 10kg. which is alot. But the funny thing is.. im still in the same pair of pants that i wore before i was pregnant... and my stomach has gotten alot bigger, well cause im 26 weeks... But i used to get upset cause i couldnt wear tighter shirts cause i didnt look pregnant, just fat. But now, im looking obviously pregnant.. and im starting to get that pregnancy walk.. you know the slight waddle.. my boyfriend thinks its cute.. but i feel like that waddling pokemon. lol. But around 24 weeks it was obvious that i was pg. Some days my stomach is soft and just feels like jelly.. and others its like rock hard. Only 14 weeks to go now.. and Both my bf and i cant wait.. i caught him talking to my stomach when i was asleep.. telling her that she better hurry up, cause he wants to meet her, and he cant wait.. lol. cute/


To RR - October 11

I'm already doing the waddle too, at just under 4 1/2 months. My tummy also is like a bowl full of jelly at times, and hard as a rock at other times. When I was preg. with my daughter last year, I caught my husband talking to my belly when I was sleeping too! I can still fit into my pants, but I don't look preg. yet. I'm beginning to look like a blob!


randi - October 11

thank you all i cant wait until everyone else can tell, i want my stomach to look pregnant already may ill pop out soon.


MJ - October 11

I agree, I can't wait to look pregnant either. I'm over weight as well and my stomach is rounderm although you can't tell I'm pregnant. Just looks like I hate out too much. I'm 14 weeks now and can't wait until I my tummy acutally looks pregnant. :)


Angie - October 12

I am 5'-11" and was 222 pre preggo. Now I am 250 and I am 33 weeks. I started to show around 4 months. I thought it would be longer since I was heavier, but it wasn't. This is also my first.


lynnstress - October 12

I'm 31 weeks with my first, pre-preg I was approx. 240 lbs. My last weigh in was 257, so that's just under 20 lbs. gained. I started really showing around 17 or 18 weeks. It shows more or better when wearing real maternity clothes, rather than just a big shirt. Visit the "Plus Size and Pregnant" threads - the current one is dated Oct. 1, in this General Pregnancy Questions section. We make new threads on the 1st and 15th of each month - look for a new one this Saturday!


scotsla__sie - October 14

hi. I have recently put on a lot of weight - been having all sorts of blood tests. I weigh around 245 and i am 5"6. I dont really look too heavy but I have only had one period since June and I am desperate for another baby. Could my weight problem be affecting my ovulation. For all us big and beautiful ladies out there, how are you all feeling and has your weight affected your health during pregnancy. I would welcome the advice. Many thanks xx


D - October 14

I am 29 weeks. I weight about 312, 5'9, large boned. I have not gained any weight & I am still not really showing. My lower stomach is a little bigger, but it was big already. So, if I didn't wear maternity tops people wouldn't have a clue I was pregnant.


Just me - October 15

I was 128lbs before I got pregnant with my first son. I got to 163 at the very end and I started showing around 6 months even though my stomach was flat. I went right down to 132 about 2-3 weeks after he was born. Then when he was 2 months old I got pregnant again and I didn't start showing until I was 6 months because once again my stomach was flat until then. I get to 172 with him at the end and I'm just now back down to 140 and my youngest is 5 months old. If you don't think that 128 seems all that big I am only 4'11 so that is considered overweight. :(


Jbear - October 16

To scotsla__sie...yes, your weight could be affecting your cycle. Fat cells produce a form of estrogen. I weighed 325 in Aug 04, then got down to 245 by Nov 04 and got pregnant in Dec. My husband and I had gotten careless with the birth control, partly because I knew I almost never ovulated, and then when I lost the weight I didn't think about becoming more fertile. It took me four years to get pregnant with my first daughter, and I a__sumed it would be like that when we wanted a second child.


scotsla__sie - October 16

hi jbear, i have joined a slimming club and hopefully I will lose some pounds and hopefully get pg soon. Lots of hopefully's lol. Still if you cant hope what else is there


b - October 16




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