To Scared To Be Excited To Scared To Move Around Help

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jordan - June 22

Hey ladies. My husband and I ttc for 7 months and now I am finally pregnant! I was so shocked when the test appeard + within seconds! But now I have feelings that I didnt think I would have. Instead of being super excited Im super scared that I will have a misscarige. I have never misscaried or have been pregnant before. What are the chances? I feel like I cant move around to much or run or anything cuz Im so scared of loosing somthing I have wanted for sooo long! Is this weird? What are the chances of misscarige? I am only 16 dpo. I found out at 13 dpo. So idk just any advice would be wonderful! thnx so much-- babydust to all of you ttc


s - June 22

what is 16 dpo...just curious. You will have a miscarriage weather you move around or not. It's just one of those things that if it's gonna happen it's gonna happen. You need to just go on with your daily activities and hope for the best! THe odds are in your favor and I am really excited for you!! Babies are very resilient boogers and can go through alot. I wish you the best.


Chances - June 22

The chance for miscarriage is greatest in the first trimester, and is about 17%. Don't worry so much, as undue stress can contribute to that chance. But, at the same time, don't put your body through too much physical stress. Talk to your doctor about safe activities and any other concerns. I didn't know I was pregnant and went on a roller coaster, I'm still pregnant. But I WOULD NOT recommend riding a coaster to anyone, just stating what happened. Anyway, baby dust to you! You'll be fine!


Karen - June 22

Congrats to you all the best. A miscarriage cannot be prevented or stopped. So dont worry. I would call the doc to set up your first appointment he will probably wont see you for another 3 - 4 weeks. I would start prenatal viatims folic acid, it helps prevent a lot of birth defects. All the best


Misty - June 22

Yeah, the first 12 weeks are the most decisive in a baby's life. It is when most things that can go wrong do go wrong. Make sure you are taking pre-natal vitamins and folic acid to help your baby get everything it needs to grow o.k. After the first 12 weeks the percentages drop drastically because not as much vital stuff happens as it was doing in the first trimester. It is true, there isn't really anything that you can do to stop a miscarriage if you are going to have one. Just go about normal daily activities, ones that don't put physical strain on you. Even jogging is something you can still go do though if you did it before. Just don't over-exert yourself. Basic rule of thumb when it comes to working out is still be able to breath normally. Your womans body is made to carry a child and keep it safe. As long as things are o.k. with your baby you shouldn't have to worry about a m/c too much. Of course, there are a few other things that can cause it, but mostly it has to do with your baby not developing correctly in the first 12 weeks. GL to you. Worry is a part of pregnancy. Welcome to the club. :-)


Lissi - June 22

I know how you feel. I even used to be terrified of going to the bathroom because (and I know this is stupid!) I thought I might accidently push the baby out. If your going to lose a baby at this stage, there's really not very much you can do about it. Stop worrying (I know it's hard) and try to be more positive about your pregnancy. It's important to avoid stress if you can. Congratulations and best of luck to you.



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