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H_solice - May 1

How long did you wait before trying to get pregnant again? My 1st daughter is almost 2 and the 2nd one is 6 mos... We got pregnant right away with the second one, which is why they are kinda close together, but we were thinking about starting to try for a 3rd baby, assuming we won't get pregnant right away. Anyway, I was just wondering how you spaced your kids apart, or tried! Thanks!


dedaa - May 1

Hello I already have two boys one in which is now and the other will be 6 months on the fourth.We are now trying to pregnant#3 too.We are just starting this month and hoping that it will work fast.It is hard to decide what would be a good age difference for myself I feel like there is to much f a space between the two I have now, so that is why we are ttc #3 it should be alot of fun run after two little ones so close in age.The oldest will be going to school this year so the youngest is going to need a playmate.LOL


pania - May 1

The body takes two years after a pregnancy to return to normal. You will be able to conceive and carry a child although because your body is not 100% your child will not get everything it would normally get, you will also find that you yourself may suffer. I am pregnant with my third. My first two are 15 months apart. Carrying my second child was painful because my uterus had not been given time to return to its place, so I carried him in my lower back. By full term I was begging him to come out!!! I have waited 4 years to get pregnant again, and so good so far........ Good luck on your decision, Im sure your decision will be what is right for you and your family.


zoelouise - May 1

I have 3children.... My 1st in june 1996 but had bad delivery, 2nd sept 2000 and 3rd very quick sept 2001 all were good pregnancies:D:D


Laurabb4 - May 1

Hi, I am expecting my 4th. I had one in 96. We waited and had one in 2002, 2004 now we are due July 2006. All 2 years apart. We wanted them close together.


stevecc - May 1

Hi solice, I am pregnant with our third baby and my first two are 19 months apart. The second one will also be 19 months when this one is born. We found that this was a good age for a new baby. Think back to how your first one reacted and how your life was with number two. If it was managable then go ahead. I'm so happy to see other parents out there with more than two children. Also ask your Dr. if your ready to have another baby physically. Both of my pregnancies and deliveries were very easy and my Dr. said at my 6 week check up that I was 100%. I think that was alittle too close together!! :D


olivia - May 1

I am pregnant with my second. They will be 15 months apart. I am glad to hear you are wanting a third because I am so tired right now (first trimester) and wondered if I had made a mistake. I guess if you want another it must get better! I wanted my dd to have a close sibling, but the fatigue is killing me and I feel like I have no energy for anything. My mom keeps saying it will get better soon with trimester 2. Anyway, I know I am not much help for you, but you are encouraging to me! thanks!


Steph - May 1

I'm pregnant with #2 due in July 06. My first child was born in July we have an 8 year span!


snugglybugglys - May 1

My first was born 4/7/03, second/third 4/7/04, 4th 4/6/05. My uterus was actually back to normal each time. My dr. said everything was fine. I love having my kids so close in age. Although they were not planned. My pregnancies were just the same as far as comfort. And they are all perfectly healthy.


Stace - May 1

I had my daughter in 1999 but due to having a bad time have been unable to get pregnant again until now. I would have liked to have mine close together but it just wasnt meant to be.


H_solice - May 1

Thanks for all the feedback, ladies! I have a friend who got pregnant with her 3rd baby when her 2nd was only 4 mos old! She said at the time, it was crazy, but now that they are older (her oldest is almost 4) she loves having her girls so close together. Just thought I would share that!


lovemy3 - May 1

hi there, I have 3 kids. 5 yrs between the 1st and 2nd, then 2 years between the 2nd and 3rd and now we a re planning on 4 years between the 3rd and 4th. I had c-sectionds and other complications with each, so it is a combination of letting my body heal and getting up the nerve to go through it all again!!


Tanna - May 1

Wait a second had three kids born on the 7th of April, and your fourth only missed by ONE day? That is CRAZINESS!


snugglybugglys - May 1

Well my first dd was born 4-6-03, then I had twin boys 4-1-04, then my 4th dd was born 4-6-05. I was on BC with all of them except for my first. And I got prego after 3 months each time. Now I'm prego with our very last baby due December 26! Now we are done. It is crazy at times, because they fight over the same toys. But they kind of stick up for eachother too eventhough they are so young. It is tons of fun though!


snugglybugglys - May 1

oh I just noticed my first post had the wrong dates. The second one is right. Sorry about that! :)



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