To Smoking Mommies To Be That Are Cutting Down

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suz - October 25

Ladies...Ladies.....attention Ladies :) My doctor told me NOT to read "What to expect while you're expecting". He says there's misinformation and that it scares the c__p out of women. haha. He told me to ask him any questions and referred me to "A parent's guide to pregnancy" and "Girlfriend's guide to pregnancy". The Girlfriend's guide is great! Just remember that we are all different and that nature and life itself is all about balance and listening to your bodies. The girls who are being rude on this site don't understand about balance. They are perceiving things in black and white and that isn't how life or nature works. There isn't anything that is ALL bad or ALL good. Some things work for some and not for others. Some women do everything right and have problems, others do everything wrong and have healthy babies...... why? because there are too many variables to distinguish EXACTLY what to do and what not to do at what time and at what level or dose or blah, blah etc. You really need to balance all the information that has been gathered because we've all been taught (if we listened in Science class) that experiments in science and medicine are theories. That is why they call it a medical "practice". So, you may believe what you want. It's a free world. But don't force your beliefs on others. You might think an aspirin would be great for a headache but it can kill some people. Stopping smoking cold turkey might work for some but might be more harmful to others. Always ask your doctor what they think and don't listen to extremist-types on internet sites. Only take in positive energy from people who are supportive. The healthiest thing you can do for your baby is to love yourself and not worry too much. No one is in control of the outcome no matter how much they think they know. Just stay positive and light. Love to you all!!!!!!!! smooch mommies :)


what??? - October 25

that has to be the biggest pile of bollocks i have ever read! first of all smoking IS bad regardless of what you say, smoking is not good for some and bad for others, geeeez when did you ever go to school, its bad for all of us, i am an ex smoker and i think i know a thing or two about smoking, babies do not come out healthy just because you loved yourself silly lady, babies come out healthy because you took care of her in the first place and gave them the nourishment that they needed, i think you need to see your doctor,!!


Jen - October 25

Hi, suz. I understand what you're saying. You never know who is going to have a healthy baby and who isn't. Smoking while preg has been shown to cause low birth weight and premature labor right? Well, I have a freind who smoked at least 10 cigs every day of her pregnancy. She carried her baby to term and had a healthy baby boy. I on the other hand, did everything "right" except skip a few prenatals every now and then. I had my baby 2 months early, and he spent 6 weeks in NICU. Who knows why there was nothing wrong with her child, but mine was in intensive care. Also, someone can smoke their entire life nothing happens to them. We all know these people. While others develop lung cancer without ever picking up a cigarrette. (i.e. Chris Reeve's wife).



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