To Smoking Mommies To Be Who Are Cutting Down My Response

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suz - October 25

Hey listen "what???" Like I said in my first posting. Silly people like you who just want to bash others while on the internet are not very supportive. My doctor is one of the leading Obstetricians in the United States so I think he knows quite a bit more than your "pile of bollocks". Did you go to medical school little missy???? sheesh, please go find something else to do with you time than criticize others. You're not going to be a very good influence on your baby if all you do all day is look for ways to put other people down. I try to lift people's spirits up and I listen to my doctor. If you think that's bullocks than I don't know what planet you're on!!!!!!!!!!!


?????? - October 25

what is the point of this?-to defend smoking while pregnant, I am confused........


!! - October 25

how dare you a__sume what kind of mother i am going to be... actually i work in a hospital in the north east as a nurse just because i am not a doctor doesnt mean i am not aware of things that are bad for you and others around you... i am not putting anyone down, but if making yourself and others think that smoking whilst pregnant is great, maybe you should go to medical school... i dont put anyone down, just tell it like it is, i would never tell anyone there not going to be a good mother like you just have, so its you who puts other people down MISSY childish i see...


I don't get it - October 25

Why did you start a new thread for this? There is only one response on the original thread. I'm all for things in moderation and you are right on some level. You can't freak out about everything that you may or may not be doing that may or may not be harmful to your baby. However, it's just common sense that smoking is unhealthy. I have trouble believing that one of the "leading obstetricians in the United States" would tell you otherwise. I don't think people come on this site with the intention of cutting other people down, but it's frustrating to read posts about people who don't think things like smoking are harmful to their babies. If smoking is so obviously bad for anyone who is NOT pregnant, than of course it's bad for someone who IS. I'm no doctor and I'm not saying that quitting cold turkey is necessarily the way to go about it for someone who's a heavy smoker, but I am really confused as to the intent of this post. If you are posting something on a forum like this, you have to respect that everyone has an opinion--it's not all "bashing."



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