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fara - January 28

Hi Starr.i was reading all yr answers in 'just ask me'.i suffered a miscarriage at 13 weeks 1st dec. i had 'watery' leakage,bleeding & more watery leakage A FEW DAYS before the misc.what causes the water bag to burst so early in pregnancy?


Rhonda - January 28

I dont know if Starr reads any of these b/c I never see where she response to any questions outside her post.


Tye - January 29

Does anyone know why Starr has all these answers. I tried asking her myself but she didn't respond- I guess she thought I was being a smart alec or was offended or something. Has she ever mentioned in that long forum who she is ? I was just curious what her creds where.


Tye - January 29

Hi Rhonda! :o)


Rhonda - January 29

Hi Tye.How are you doing?I have read alot of her post.She seems nice.She said she has 3 kids and had 3 m/c.Oh and said her sister is a nurse and that she has read alot of her sisters books.Other than that i dont know any thing else.


S - January 30

She's just someone who has alot of time on her hands. Nice that she helps all these women, but if you have a little extra time, you could find the same info on the internet or just by asking your doctor.


Rhonda - January 30

Well,i think it's better to be willing to help people and be nice to others instead of being included with the ones who are smarting off to peoples questions,and making ignorant remarks.It's nice to know some people still have a heart for others.


LN030905 - January 30

Hey fara, if you havent gotten an answer yet, try asking her on the "Ask me" post. I asked her a q last night and within an hr or two she responded and helped me alot!


S - January 30

Rhonda, I was responding to Tye's question....if you will go back and read instead of judging me you will understand my answer. My answer was not to hurt anyones feelings certainly does not imply that I "don't have a heart"....simply stating the facts girlfriend. I didn't say anything that was not true....


Rhonda - January 30

S i was not judgeing you.I just said ,it's better to be willing to help people than being a smart a__s about peoples questions,I did not say it was directed at you.nor did i say not having a heart towards people was directed to you.Im just saying it's nice to have those who care.Im sorry if you took it that way.


S - January 30

Rhonda, I agree that it's nice when people care. Sorry if I took it the wrong way, but you can probably see why I took it the way I did, since your post was right after mine. I'm glad "Starr" has enough time on her hands to help people. I'm just one of the few who think these women should consult with their doctors instead on relying on this person's advice. Even though she may tell somone they should ask their doctor, they may just here want they want from this person and not have any inclanation to seek proffessional advice....only my opinion so please don't take it the wrong way.....these women can do what ever they want.


Rhonda - January 30

I totally agree with you S,but most of these post on here are women asking advice.The only difference is she has a spot for people to ask questions and most of the others click on a post to answer someones questions.but at any rate no need to argue huh?But yes everyone should check with there doctors about there concerns to be on the safe side.


S - January 30

Rhonda I agree....glad "Starr" is here to help people.


Rhonda - January 30

S,glad we got things squared away.


S - January 31

Me too!! Sorry about the misunderstanding.......Rhonda are you pregnant now?


Rhonda - January 31

S yes i am now 34wks today.Im having another girl.


S - February 1

Rhonda, aren't little girls the most beautiful little things in the world!! I don't know what I would do if I had a picked out any names yet?



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