To Tara From Cem

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CEM - June 2

hi tara, i'm back!!!!! thought i'd start a new thread so you wouldn't overlook me. how are you doing? i think i read somewhere that you found out you're having a girl, was that you? oh my goodness, that's so wonderful! congratulations!! i'm guessing you found out at your 30 week ultrasound to see how your placenta was positioned? how did that go, by the way? how are you feeling otherwise? things here on this end are going well, only 24 days left until my due date! it's going by so fast. i'm starting to get nervous about labour and all that, but also looking forward to having it over and done with. that will be a big relief. we still don't know the s_x, so are excited about that too. i'm feeling pretty good, in general, just very heavy and have a very sore pelvis and back but otherwise all right. i don't sleep too well at night either, but have a lot more energy than before, surprisingly enough, so that's also a good thing. my mom just left 2 days ago, so she's back in vancouver safe and sound again already. it's so weird to think that she was just here and now she's half way around the world again in a matter of hours! too bizarre! it was so nice to have her stay with us, she helped out so much, and it was nice just to have her around, to talk to, and to spend time with the kids. she's their only living grandparent, so she means a lot to us! the boys loved it, they're still talking about her. sune and i also got to go to copenhagen for 2 dayss to visit some friends and have a quick little getaway, while we still had the chance. that was very enjoyable. we ate at one of sune's good friend's restaurant (where he's head chef), and that was truly an amazing experience. it was so nice to just sit and eat, uninterrupted, for 5 hours! the food was based on corsican principles, as they had just been on a trip to portugal, it was so yummy! the restaurant is really neat, actually, because it changes its theme every few months, depending on where they've travelled to. they go somewhere for a while to study the local food, customs, etc, and when they come home they change the menu and the interior of the restaurant to reflect their country of choice. it's a really neat idea, i think. the food is not totally authentic, in the way that it's sort of the chef's interpretation of things, so it's kind of a fusion type thing, cool! but otherwise, we saw a lot of the big city and just took it easy. it's so different over there, it's not even funny. it really is a big city! lots of stuff to do, but lots of crazy stuff going on as well. crime, and whatnot...i guess that's normal. so now we're just back in balle, waiting to have another baby. we're sort of ready, i guess, we just need a few more small things. how's the stroller hunt going, by the way? you must have one by now. i think i'm going to go to bed now....looking forward to hearing from you soon. hope everything's going well for you. cassandra :-)


CEM - June 3

thought i'd get this back up for you, so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.....the e-shuffle!



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